Welcome to JGOD gaming in today’s video I wanted to focus on how to use my spawn guide for team deathmatch in Call of Duty World War two the map we’ll be looking at is flak tower and what we’re gonna be doing is kind of breaking down kind of how you play the map and how you know when the spawns flip and different things like that so what we’ll do is just kind of look at it and get into it and to practice these types of things you really just can load up with bots put it six versus six and you’re on one of the teams or five versus six and then you’re all one of the teams and then just pretty much play the map and just kind of watch and kind of anticipate when the spawns flip based off where your teammates are and where the opponents are coming from.

So what I have now on the screen is just showing you where all the spawns will be so typically these are the areas that your enemies and yourself will spawn so just kind of paying attention to the mini-map you can see that the enemy team is still gonna be on the front side of us because we have teammates spawning behind me so kind of just using that knowledge I know they’re gonna be pushing from this side when I come around the corner that should be an enemy and there he is so as you kind of push around this left side you can kind of see that the enemies will continue to spawn out of this side if you block the spawns they have to spawn on one of the other supplemental spawns which isn’t always a good thing so a lot of times when you’re pushing into an area you don’t want to push all the way in there their spawn because then it’ll flip the spawns a lot of times if your teammates aren’t prepared for it they’ll be taking out from behind and then they kind of screws up the momentum of your team so a lot of times you just want to control where they’re spawning from and the benefit of doing that is you really control where they’re gonna be coming from.

They’re they’re limited on their choices of movement so if you tend to go ahead and block all these spawn areas you can see now they’re spawning on the opposite side spawns the flip teammates are gonna be spawning behind me you’ll see the green arrows appear so come around over here kind of clear out the area they’re still spawning in front of me so you can see that they’re all they’re just spawning infront of me as long as no one pushes too hard we’re not gonna block those spawns so I’m just kind of waiting out making sure that we’re good to go on this side and then pretty much what will happen is the map will continue to push from this side and as long as our teammates don’t get too deep into their spawn we should pretty fine as far as predicting where they’re gonna be coming from but you can see teammates pushed a little too far we still got a couple of teammates on the side enemies on the side but it looks like the spawns are flipping another downside of having the spawns flipped often is you have to run back and forth and then kind of enemy and teammates start to scatter.

So it’s not really predictable where they’re gonna be coming from so you can see right here the the bonds having a hundred percent flip but it looks like they’re going to so I’m just kind of waiting and predicting for it to happen so you can see spawns are starting a flip if they came from that side our teammates are all behind me no one’s pushing forward and a lot of times there’s a kind of like an invisible line that you just don’t want to cross and so right here as long as I don’t push past that area that I just walked through there’s airs the spawns pretty much just stay where they’re at so I got all my teammates behind me there’s guys pretty much all the way behind where where they should be and then enemy team is kind of spawning up into this front section where I’m looking and then to the left so as long as I maintain that area which obviously I died so now this spawn is gonna determine their go so now you can see where I’m spawning I don’t know the enemy team is usually spawning on the opposite spawn usually diagonal or opposite so if you’re looking at this direction now I know the enemy team can push you from this side a lot of times that middle area can be held down but if you’re gonna hang out in that window you want to make sure you have hunker.

Just because that’s an easy made spam so right here they’re all pushing from the back side pick off a couple extra kills nothing crazy but I know they’re gonna continue pushing from that back side so since this left teammate he kind of pushed that way hopefully the spawns don’t move too much but since he died they probably won’t so right here there still should be behind me I’m kind of gonna push this side right here because they probably push and push through this side and then kind of just maneuvering around the map so you can see there’s the arrows or the dots are still popping up on their side of the map and then they continue to do so as long as you control the side of the map without pushing too deep they’ll continue to spawn out so right here you can see this teammate and push it a little too deep so I kind of go around to just to make sure it’s covered and then pretty much the spawns are starting to flip again so wait till the enemy team pops up on the other side there it is teammate just spawn behind me.

Now I know the spawns of flip so a lot of times you want that to look on the actual kill feed make sure one of your teammates has died and you’ll see where they pop up and that’ll give you a good indication of where the enemy team is coming from as well this is probably one of the most powerful positions in the game as far as this map goes so a lot of times what you want to do is you kind of peek back and forth make sure that you have your back covered and then pretty much as long as your backs covered you should be able to get good lines aside here since there’s not many guns that can map at this distance other than the assault rifle isn’t obviously a sniper if you if you want to go that route but a lot of times you can just hold down and walk down that Lane you’re pretty good to go so you can see now I’m gonna push forward to the right I know the spawns are gonna probably flip as soon as I push if the teammates push too far they will flip or from right here we got a pretty good control of where they’re coming from so right here they should be popping out from the backside as well as the side.

So you can see I’m multiple times I look at the map now I know they’re coming from the other side you can see now they’re spawning in the hot spot that I kind of pointed out and for whatever reason they go to the secondary one depending on where the teammates are in this particular case now the teammates full filled that void so as long as I push through this side you’ll see that pretty much they should be coming from this backside so now that teammate pushed a little too far you can see he’s forcing the flip and now you can see the red arrow or red dots are on the other side so pretty much that’s what ends up happening ideally if you’re in a full team you can make sure the spawns never flip by never allowing this to actually happen so in this particular case it’s just bought so they don’t know what the heck they’re doing they’re just kind of running around crazy and then forcing the spawn flip without even knowing that how that affects the rest of the team I’d like to know your thoughts down in the comment section below what you thought of the video if you found it helpful at all if you would like me to do other ones I do have plenty more on the way so tuned for that if you did enjoy the video in any way remember to click that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already let’s take out that giveaway going on until the end of the year so make sure you get those entries in by being the first to comment or sharing multiple of my videos thank you for watching as always have great day

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