Well I’m gonna JGOD gaming in today’s video I’ll be focusing on how to play Gibraltar on Call of Duty World War two focusing specifically on team deathmatch this video is designed to have a better understanding of how to use my spawn guides that I’ve come out with previously so you might want to check out those videos if you haven’t already but this just goes in more detail specifically on this map if you have suggestions for other maps you’d like me to cover or a specific mode go ahead and leave those comments down in the comment section so I’ll have a better idea on which ones I could prioritize over others keep in mind that the point isn’t just for me to just destroy the enemy team or anything like that or show how good I am or not good at or whatever.

The case is this is purely just responds that’s why I set it up with actually having with bots so that you can get an idea and this is actually something you could practice on your own you’ll see throughout the video that I go back to this menu in the actual overall options where you can see the overview of the map this is a good indication of where your enemy teams are spawning and based off where your teammates are and give you a better idea on how you want to influence the spawns so you can actually position yourself in a better way personally I think the side that we just spawned on is the better side of the two sides of the map so you see you navigate through the first side that we just spawned on has a little bit better cover and positioning wise you can catch people off a spawn.

A little bit better this is primarily the power point of this position is to just kind of rotate from this window back to the barrel window back to the barrel because people will continue to spawn from this section and then just kind of cover your left side in your back to see someone behind it right there but as you go around you kind of just want to roll up and protect this area since you’ve got a pretty good cover and it allows you to navigate back and port so once I get that first UAV the enemy team keeps spawning in this back corner in front of where I’m at and then you’re just gonna continue to keep on spawning and pushing through you’ll see a lot of times people especially a bigger youtubers when they’re putting up these clips of how awesome a gun is or overpowered or whatever the case is.

I’ll show this particular power position not too many people are getting huge score streaks outside of this position just because this position so much more advantageous than the rest of the map so you’ll see they’re gonna spawn in this back corner as well as well as in the back so it’ll just continue to flow that way until the spawns flip and enough your teammates flip so that guy on the left top you’re gonna see he’s going kind of into their spawn so they should be flipping pretty soon where that care package came down so immediately you can see the spawns a flip and now we’re able to push to the other side so as you can see in the corner that’s been up there for a little while is that they actually have the spawn locations of your enemy and where you’ll spawn as well you can see that little green dotted line pretty much if a couple of your teammates or even one if you really do it effectively you can flip the spawns ideally to control the map and control the better flow of how your opponents are moving and where you’re positioned are you definitely want to not cross that line.

As long as you stay on the opposite line you’ll have a better idea of predicting where your enemies coming from if your teammates are in the right position you’ll have better controlling where they’re able to move through the map you’ll have better positioning on head glitches different things that will actually differentiate kind of how you should play the map in my opinion the other side when we first start on is a better position since on this particular side you almost have to push yourself out of cover to actually get to the enemy team so a lot of times what you do is you want to focus on kind of looking at the mini-map making sure where your teammates are you almost want to force push this one to flip because the other side is way more advantageous to actually push since a lot of the sides have no cover where they’re coming from so that’s really what you want to do and to avoid getting trapped in these kinds of spawns what you do is you want to push out of your spawn ideally you want all of your team be on this green line so that pretty much out of the spawn.

There you have the potential someone coming maybe wrapping around but if your team kind of pushes as a line as a single front you should have a better idea of where enemies are and they should be kind of narrowed down to where they’re spawning from since the spawns are so restrictive so pretty much when we’re on this side of the map I know they’re coming from this back corner they really have no other option and I can go ahead and peek on this right side over the window because I know they can come around and go up in the ladder walk up the stairs on this direction right here thinking it easy kills this way so as long as you have maybe two or three teammates positioned in the right position you’re gonna have better control this map you just continue to do that every time I get a UAV I get a kind of a snapshot of where they’re coming from but for the most part since I know where my teammates are there’s really only two places the enemy teams gonna spawn so it’s pretty predictable and kind of really positioning where I’m at I already know.

I have a good position this brings me to another tip about the maps in general is those people on your team that wanna camp the spawn really ruin it for you because what happens is if you die and you’re pushed forward the enemy team gets to push all the way up to that green line whereas if they were pushed up a little farther your teammates will push up a little bit further it would be I have a better opportunity to stop the enemy from just running straight into your spawn and kind of locking you down so anyone who decides hey you know what I’m gonna play slow and I’m just gonna camp the back on my spawn you’re really screwing over your team because you set it up for them to get spawn trap especially if you’re not the greatest sniper or the greatest camper or whatever you’re really screwing over your team because at the end of the day the enemy team will just be able to push up to this line like I’ve done here there’s no one really camping that back area but if there was pretty much they’re just holding down and locking those spawns and almost ensuring that the spawns don’t flip because if they’re not in my line of sight and I don’t kill them they’re still holding down that spawn and they will not flip so you’re really screwing over your team in general so to one of those people I had a crewman getting a better idea of how the maps work so that you’re not screwing over your team or educating people that that just maybe don’t understand how that worked.

I chose this map because in general a lot of people just don’t seem to like this map especially even from the beta I’ve seen a lot of complaining about how they really like the flow of it the map isn’t bad I think if you give the right position and your teammates are playing smart and controlling the map the right way this map becomes really easy to play and it can actually be really fun but on the opposite side it could be very annoying so it really just depends on how you position yourself and control the map I no objective gameplay especially during the cod World League no one wanted to touch this map I think just as unfair depending on what side you spawn on and it can really kind of screw you up especially when you’re trying to be that’s pretty much all want to talks about doesn’t be the end of video if you did like it enjoy it anyway remember to like and subscribe if you haven’t already I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comment section so go ahead and feel free to leave that feedback voice your opinions of the videos if you think I should continue making these types of videos or if you prefer other styles of video pretty make whatever you you really want to watch and I enjoy making the content so you do go ahead and remember to leave that comment thank you for watching as always have a great day

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