Welcome to JGOD gaming in today’s video I’ll be focusing on how to play Gustav cannon in Call of Duty World War two specifically for the mode Team Deathmatch the overview of the map is the example I gave our one in my spawn guide and specifically these red areas are where your enemies or you will spawn in this particular map ideally the best spot for this map is the Gustav cannon because it gives you a centralized vantage point to all corners of the map and ideally if you’re able to control the top you should be able to win most of the matches on this map if you have multiple teammate spotting the corners as well that should help you out a lot the only downside is if your enemy opponents are good with sniper rifles and you’re not or vice versa.

It’ll kind of lend a lot of weight that way too because the snipers and this map can be very overpowered just for the fact that when you’re on these head glitches a lot of times they can’t shoot through the metal so they need to get head shots and if you’re using an AR or submachine gun someone landing four or five head shots at that range just won’t be able to compete with the sniper now looking at my mini-map you can actually see where all my teammates are so I would assume that all the enemy team are directly to the left and towards the front of me on this side so when you’re looking at the mini-map view that can give you information as well knowing that there’s only four spots that can spawn and your teammates are blocking two of those areas odds are the enemy team will responding to this top left side and the top right side so as long as you’re able to get them coming off spawn they won’t be able to really flip the spawn.

And then also you will have a good opportunity to just continue racking up the kills so coming up you’re gonna see that pretty much the spawns stay accurate to what I’ve been saying so far and you’re gonna see all of them flood in the UAV once I call it in so pretty much I just hold this top of the Gustav and continue to do so and just kind of watch it where my teammates are you can see that everyone just flooded in down there to the bottom right and you can kind of just see how it rotates like that so that’s pretty much all you got to do hold the top here and try to flank around you can actually along the side of the Gustav and the people on top won’t be able to see you so it’s really the only limitation there is that you have to get on top of the Gustav I mean there are other ways and objective game modes and – people rushing up at the same time or you’re just really good sniper on the bottom but more than likely this is the best way to hold the top is just continually roll packed back and forth taking out people from the top of the Gustav I wish there was more to this map but there’s not really much more to it than that so hopefully enjoyed the video I’d like to know your thoughts down in the comment section below if you did enjoy the video anyway go to remember click that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already thanks for watching as always have a great day

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