Welcome to Jgod gaming in today’s video I wanted to focus on London Docks team deathmatch in Call of Duty World War two this is the third video I’ve made in the series so it should be very similar to the previous two that I did on Gibraltar and black tower but this one actually has a third supplemental area to spawn so if you and your teammates are kind of blocking these spawn areas they will spawn over by the water side as you can see in the picture again this particular video is demonstrated with bots so you can really just see how the control and understanding of the spawns work and how this coincides with the spawn guide I put out probably within the first week of the game coming out.

So what you really want to do is focus on how your movement impacts where these spawns have happened you can see the dotted green lines again with those it can push beyond those lines you’re gonna kind of do something funky with the spawns especially on the bottom right side you’re almost gonna force them to spawn by the water side so a lot of times you kind of roll back and forth depending on where your position that but if you’re over in the middle a lot of times if you control the spawns you can really get a high potential to get shot in the back just because they’ll spawn right off the water and be able to take you out based off my personal preference I like this side of the map a little bit better you can see that the spawns already flipped because that teammate went a little too far but with bots obviously they don’t know better they just run past those green lines and they have no clue so now most of the enemy’s gonna be spawning in that corner section some.

I’ve already kind of pushed around now getting the map but most of them for the most part are gonna be spawning in this bottom right corner so as long as I don’t push too far beyond this line I should be able to keep them trapped in this area but since I prefer the other side I’m forcing a spawn flip so I’m waiting till by a teammate spawns here they’re responding water side so ideally I want to keep them on that side because having two different points is a little bit more hectic to control but you can see right here now they’re kind of still having spawn just cuz no one’s killing them but we’ll kind of take another look up there’s another guy he just spawned right out of there that one’s actually a pretty tough spawn to flip until you actually see the teammate spawn out of there it is a pretty pretty crazy spawn zone it’s pretty heavily weighted that it’ll spawn there a majority of the times just where I spawn – you can see that’s the primary spawn on the opposite side and now again as soon as they’re coming off spawn.

I’m pushing all the way back to this side as long as the teammates holding this line ideally it’s the best way to do it because they don’t have to run as far to get all the opponents and they’re all coming out of this area you can see they’ve pretty much all spawned in this area and I’m just kind of killing them all and then they’ll continue to spawn probably you by the water if I if I had a guess and this guy just ran through the dhobi but as soon as I kill him they should be all spawning pretty much by the water teammate just spawned here you can see they’re spawning so now I know the map is kind of flipping around and now they’re coming out of the opposing spawn we’re at the top right so pretty much I’m gonna go back that way since that’s a little bit better control and then just kind of corral them right off the spawn so a lot of times before running out spawn they’re not really prepared or they’re instantly preparing to throw the grenade so a lot of times they’re not in the best position to have a gunfight so right here there’s probably spawning by that truck you can see where they’re popping up on the mini-map.

So I take them out and then I just kind of hold down this area try and go ahead and check out this left side so I can make sure they’re spawning in that back area it doesn’t look like anyone’s by this truck so they’ll continue to push up this way as long as I stay kind of back here and roll back and forth they should continue to spawn right out of this back corner a lot of times people they just kind of continue to run even though they have that underground passage to run through it looks like some spawned by water so she’s really about navigating the map I mean there’s only so limited spaces that they can spawn so if you do see that little marker pop up on the UAV or on the mini-map you’ll have a good idea of actually where they’re at and have a good idea of how long it should take them to navigate around the map do you actually get back to where you’re at so as long as you pretty much hold that line they got to run out of cover there’s really no cover coming from this spawn so if you could position yourself in a good way this way it’s just a little bit more addictive all because they get spawned in that corner warehouse or by the water so you continually see the pattern kind of flip based on where the teammates are and you should continue that pattern until the maps all done so again they’re back in that area since a lot of my teammates in that spawn zone that I’m in so I’m will go ahead and clear this little harbour water building in just pretty much cross over to the other side and then that’s kind of the rotation you continue to do.

Throw out the map a lot of times it can be a little bit more hectic because before running mountain or whatever the case is but if you have a UAV or a recon plane up rather quickly and you have a good idea where your teammates are it really just almost narrows down exactly where your opponents are gonna be what I like about the spawns on this specific map is that it’s a lot harder it gets spawn trap because when you’re coming out of that building you can actually go underneath so you got a little bit of cover that way or it’ll spawn you out by the water people your enemy a push is too hard into your spawn which often happens with random people they have no clue they just run around random cross over the spawns flip it and really take people out of advantageous position just because I don’t know they’re trying to get the kills before everybody else so right here they should be spawning in this back corner still and then probably waterside depending on how hard my team pushes but nope look pops back up they’re actually back in the main salon on this opposite side so pretty much it just continues to rotate and you kind of get used to the pattern.

And the habit you can see a teammate’s in that little dock house or that building on the right so that’s really gonna block that spawn so they should be coming out by this truck by the water unless the spawns flip again so over here by the truck this guy’s just standing here and take them out you just continue this process over and over now they’re back in that back corner so I would recommend doing the same thing when I’m doing with the actual map if you know you’re in a good place to cover already set it up by default at the start of the match so that overview of the map is already present so in the UAV passage you get a good glance at the entire map versus just getting this little mini map that doesn’t really show much like 30% smaller than it’s been in previous game so just for accounting for that this allows you to get a good snapshot where all your enemies are.

Where your teammates are even if people are running now and it does give you a pretty good indication of specifically a fourth before and that’s gonna be it for the video if you did enjoy it anyway remember to click that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already remember to follow me on Twitter if you’d like to stay up-to-date with future content also make sure to have those notifications on so you don’t miss a video and you can comment and share the videos if you do enjoy them thank you for watching as always every day

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