Welcome to JGod_gaming in today’s video I want to focus on spawns and how they work what I did is a test on Pointe du Hoc to identify where and how spawning works and what I was able to figure out is there’s actually six designated spawn locations so you don’t really spawn on your teammates you actually spawn in one of these six bubbles as you can see you’re not gonna spawn in the middle pretty much ever on this map in typical TDM what I did it I set up a private match six versus six with just BOTS and I stared at the screen as you’re seeing here the gameplay in the background and the gameplay on the the corner are two separate ones.

It can actually capture both at the same time so sorry if it doesn’t match up but it gives you a good idea of kind of how things are when you’re actually watching the the corner one with the six bubbles as soon as someone dies kind of look where they they’re gonna spawn they pretty much spawn right next to one of those bubbles or right inside and not too much outside of those and as you continue to play you get better at predicting spawn I was getting to the point where I had some pretty good certainty of where I was gonna spawn when I I was actually playing through the second time on the on the background footage as you’ll see when you’re actually looking the different bubbles though you can actually kind of predict as a pattern emerges where you’re going to spawn so if you’re looking at the screen you can wait for one of the the green arrows to get an engagement with the red dots and then if they die you can kind of look to the bubbles and kind of figure out where they’re gonna spawn based off where all your teammates are so this is a good way to predict kind of where you’re gonna spawn.

And you can test this out yourself I still have some more testing to do on other maps I did this one a few times but this is a good example of kind of what it looks like there’s actually spots where you’re going to spawn and and it gives you a better idea where you predict the enemies are gonna spawn so if you’re going around and you’re like man why the heck does the enemy keep spawning near me well there’s really only so many spots that can spawn if you’re very close to one of these bubbles but not inside it they’re gonna spawn right next to you possibly based off where they’re spawn locations are especially since they’re sticky they’re not likely to flip so you’re gonna be kind of stuck going against the same enemies over and over if you stay right outside one of these bubbles so hopefully that helped if it did I’d like to know your thoughts down in the comment section hopefully this change your perception on how the spawns work if you did enjoy the video if you learned something from it or even if you didn’t go ahead and rate the video either with a like’ or dislike’ i’m and then go ahead and subscribe if you haven’t already i’m making tons of world war ii content as well as continue my destiny to content so if you’re a fan of either those games go ahead and click that subscribe button and remember to click the reminder so you stay up to date with all the future videos I make thank you and as always have a great day

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