The Lewis LMG in Call of Duty: WW2 has a decent fire rate and damage. The Lewis LMG is best used by setting it up with the LMG Bipod overlooking an area where you expect enemies to come through and then waiting for those enemies. Whilst setup with the LMG Bipod the hipfire accuracy is increased and the recoil reduced which makes it easy to kill enemies from range. The best attachments for the Lewis LMG are those that let you take on more enemies at range and at once and dispatch them more quickly. The reflex sight gives you a clear view of enemies making it easier to kill them from further away. The extended mag lets you fire for much longer between reloads letting you hold down a position for longer. Rapid fire increases the fire rate of the Lewis LMG letting you kill enemies faster. The best division for the Lewis LMG is armored as it grants the LMG bipod and protects you from enemy lethal and tactical equipment which they will start throwing at you once they have worked out where you are.

The best basic training is primed as it grants an extra attachment and reduces flinching when enemies shoot back at you. Take your favorite secondary for close quarter engagements and use the mk 2 fragmentation grenade to throw at clusters of enemies. Here is the complete best class setup for the Lewis LMG..

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