The M1 Garand rifle primary weapon in Call of Duty: WW2 is a slow firing, long range rifle. The M1 Garand is most effective from medium to long range where enemies are easier to hit and you can fire slowly to compensate for the recoil. When you are far away from enemies it is important to be able to spot enemies more easily so that you can move to the appropriate cover to take them out.

To help with the recoil use the grip on the M1 Garand to reduce recoil which makes it easier to kill enemies at longer range. To make it easier to see enemies use the reflex sight. The M1 Garand only has 8 rounds per magazine, use extended mags to give that a boost. To further increase the ammunition you get to take use the infantry division for the M1 Garand. To help you find enemies use the lookout basic training which lets you spot enemies on the mini map from further away. Take your favorite secondary and use a frag grenade to clear tight areas where you are at a disadvantage with the M1 Garand. Here is the complete best class setup..

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