The M1928 submachine gun in Call of Duty: WW2 is a fast firing, low recoil submachine gun. The M1928 is strong at close range, especially when aiming down the sights. You will want to maneuver the map so that you suprise enemies. Since you will be alone close to enemies you won’t want to alert enemies to your presence. It is also important to avoid large, open areas that have good positions overlooking them as an enemy with a rifle will easily be able to kill you. The best attachments for the M1928 are those that make it easier to kill enemies whilst aimed down the sights of the M1928. Use the grip attachment to reduce the low recoil of the M1928 even further. Use the quickdraw attachment to bring up the sights of the M1928 faster so that you have an advantage when you surprise an enemy. The best division for the M1928 is the airborne division as it increases your movement speed and grants the suppressor attachment. Use the suppressor whenever you are close to enemies and don’t want to alert them, although if you are in the middle of the fight it is often better to remove it for increased damage.

The best basic training for the M1928 is hustle as you will need to reload frequently between kills due to the high fire rate of the M1928. Use your favorite secondary in case you run out of ammo and use smoke grenades to screen your movement through open areas. Here is the complete best class setup for the M1928..

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