The MG 15 LMG in Call of Duty: WW2 is a fast firing, medium damage LMG with moderate recoil. The MG 15 is best set up overlooking an area where you expect enemies to be and then waiting for those enemies to appear. When the LMG bipod is in use the recoil of the MG 15 is reduced, although you have to be careful since you are a static target that can easily be hit. The best attachments for the MG 15 help you hold down a position. The grip attachment reduces the MG 15’s recoil helping you especially when you are not currently using the bipod. Full metal jacket increases the penetration of the MG 15 giving you an advantage in a cover to cover fight.

Extended mag increases the number of rounds per magazine which lets you kill more enemies between reloads and gives you the luxury of being able to time reloads when there aren’t any enemies around. The best division for the MG 15 is armored as it grants protection from tactical and lethal enemy equipment which enemies will throw at you once they know where you are. The best basic training is primed as it reduces flinching when you get shot at, which will happen often whilst you hold down a position, and it grants an extra primary attachment.

Use your favorite secondary in case you run out of ammo and use the mk 2 fragmentation grenade to attack clusters of enemies. Here is the complete best class setup for the MG 15..

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