Welcome to JGOD gaming in today’s you’ll be looking at the new DLC map anthropoid as part of the first DLC in Call of Duty World War 2 and for me the thing that I always like to look at is spawns because the better you know the spawns a better you can predict and maneuver around and outplay your opponents so just looking at the map you can see overall size-wise it’s pretty large.

It’s probably just a little bit larger than Gibraltar as size-wise the first bombs we’ll be taking a look at are the team deathmatch spawns because that’s probably the mode a majority of the population place if this is your first time watching any my spawning guides I’ll explain it a little bit the red areas are just simply where you are likely to spawn probably not a hundred percent accurate as far as this is exactly but this is like 95 percent likely where you’re going to spawn so you can use that as a predictor of where your enemies are spawning as well as how to maneuver and know where they’re gonna be coming from the next one we’ll be looking at is domination so you can see domination the spawns move just slightly just depending on where you’re at but there is a little bit now an area by the stairs right by see so there’s ABC you kind of get idea of where to position yourself kind of empty on that right side still potentially someone could spawn there but from my testing I didn’t really have anyone spawn there the next one won’t be taking a look at his hard point you can see there’s four points of rotation.

But pretty much the spawns are very similar to team deathmatch as does the hardpoint moves the spawn points rotate a little bit as well it’s just something you got to get used to but these are the different rotational points and obviously we see the spawn locations that are really close to the hardpoint probably ideal wants to have and the last one we’ll look at is capture the flag before I demonstrate how to actually use these because I want to show you proof of concept that these are a pretty accurate this is pretty much how they work so you can see capture the flag there’s very very small spawn locations so I’m gonna expect that this map will probably have spawn trapping like a lot of the other maps in this game they’re very rigid you’re locked into certain areas so that’s probably what I would expect from this particular map if you’d like to have access to all of these images they’re gonna be down in the description below so go ahead and check that out you should be able to click on them and save them to your phone or to your computer.

If you’d like so that when you do actually play this new map you’ll have a better idea of how to play it and how to effectively use these guys so as I’ve done with a lot of my different spawn guys I load up the map I play TDM with bots six versus six I’m one of the the spots and then pretty much I go around the map forcing flipping spawns and kind of give you some ideas of how to play the map based off my observation so the first tip I’d give for this map is just stay to the outskirts and then just kind of rotate from spawn just spawn going back and forth and then that should give you the best opportunity to not get flanked and have a better control of the map and sense of where opponents are so I’m gonna look at this overview pretty often after I get the Recon going and give you a good idea of how things are supposed to be flowing so I’m gonna push down on this right side because I know the enemy team is spawning down this long stretch so you might want to use a sniper or a long-distance weapon because this Lane is pretty long so right here you can see the guy popped out get a kill continue to push and teammates are doing some work too so I don’t get the Recon right away.

But I know they’re gonna come from there that’s one of the stickier spawns as you can see based off the spawn guy floating in the top-right corner they really only have two spawns on this side which is just those lower two so kind of rotating back and forth it looks like we flipped the spawn so now the enemy team is on the other side so that’s a problem with the maps so large you do have to kind of navigate awhile to actually run into people I got an assist there so another or not recon so I’m kind of just moving around forcing engagements just because I want to kind of push the point of how to actually use the guide so as soon as you get that first recon that’s where it’s a game changer you can see the guy running through mid got a little hit marker on him didn’t finish him off but now I’m rotating through here I can see I’m in a spawn so I just passed through one so now they could spawn behind me or they’re gonna spawn in front of me and I’m just kind of rotating going forward through and seeing kind of what I can see I’m not really running into anyone unfortunately that’s just a bad luck of the match again that goes back to the size of the map being pretty large so the teammate in front of me so I went turn around and that teammate ends up dying so the spawns are still where they’re at you can see the enemy team is still coming from the stairs area pick someone up from mid get the Recon and now all the enemy team is rushing from that bottom spawn that you can see actually on the spawn guide so pretty much a pickup.

People off get a chance to look again probably at the overview you can see there now the spawns did flip they’re all coming from this top area in this top right area so pretty much I could just pick them up call another recon and I know they’re all in this area and even though I’m standing right there they literally spawn right there and walked a few steps so now they’re all really in this middle section in corner as I push through so right now I’m gonna probably force flip the spawns take this guy out there’s really no enemies on this side of the map so as I navigate through you can see they’re spawning back at the bottom at that main original spawn keep in mind that this video is not necessarily for entertainment like giving you some crazy fancy gameplay or else I would have just pulled a match from the lobby the whole point of this is just to show the practical application of how to use the spawn guide and a lot of times it’s very apparent that the spawn guides are very accurate when you actually do this method you’re running around and pretty much the enemies are only showing up in pretty much a few of the locations maybe not even all of them when you play every match but for the most part when you go around they’re all gonna be coming out of the similar areas so right there I avoid middle I don’t go to the middle very often just because on this type of map I think is designed more like the maps a lot of times we’re used to in Call of Duty which pretty much you don’t go to the middle because it’s probably about five or six different areas where you can get shot from so you typically want to avoid that so you can see the enemy team just spawn in the bottom at the top of these stairs so I should be able to take him out and I know that other spawn is just to the side so I’m gonna go ahead and pop out you can see four little blips on the mini-map I’m gonna go from this way since the teammate went top cut them off and that’s pretty much how you’re gonna get them if I went through the building.

I probably could have taken out all of them just because the way the position of the building is you got height advantage elevation better angle and pretty much I’m running through their spawn face off where my teammates are spawns are not flipping you still come right here you got me in the back I shouldn’t take it too casual but pretty much that’s what happened I got shot in the back so pretty much you can still see the bonds they all just came out of that bottom left spawn so you they’re all pushing down that stairs so if you really want to control someone kind of corral them you could position yourself so that you can pick people off coming down those stairs and then as well as from the other side just because they’re probably gonna be expecting it they’re just running right out of spawn trying to get back into the action and from the sidelines they did design in a way that there’s a little bit of angles so that you don’t just get popped right as soon as you’re in the spawn but at the end of the day it’s still potential to get kind of trapped in the spawn if I were to play probably briefer I would guess at this top section above these stairs is probably an ideal spot because you got the different vantage points and you’ll be able to hear a pretty good radius of where people are coming from so you can see right here as I pop out the window people are there running out this way that would be a good spot to pick them off because they’re just gonna come around that corner and then they all look like they spawned up top right behind me and they actually went down the stairs so you can see that the spawn guide is accurate it’s as accurate as any of the other spawn guides I’ve done before so it’s just a matter of practice they still keep coming up from this top area take them out and continue to push a lot of times in the comments section people will ask me different drills for accuracy and there’s different things you can do to stay more accurate.

But the thing I want to focus on is doing this specific challenge yourself actually play and and see if you could predict where the enemies going to be based off where they’re spawning and where you kill them where you’re running at and you get practice playing online which is bots and then as you get better at it if you want to play online and see how that works you can do that and you’re just gonna get better over time at predicting it or if you just want to go straight online and use the the spawn guide as a guide you can do that as well either way whatever makes the most sense to you is really the key because you just want to get better at understanding the way the map is supposed to be moved across and for this one I wouldn’t go to the middle just because there’s so much going on um you can see in this entire way I just kind of do a circle around the map because base off where the spawns are people are they gonna go straight to the middle get shot getting engagements or they’re gonna be coming down these steps or coming in this corner so it makes it pretty easy to kind of predict you see there behind me now just kind of maneuvering take this guy out.

And the spawns just continue to be consistent the way they have always been I really wish that sledgehammer games would probably consider looking at how the spawns work because at the moment I still think they’re kind of bad considering how they worked in some of the other games it was a little bit more freedom than the spawn choice I want to make sure I got the spawn guide out so quick just because for me personally I know I jumped into the matches had no clue how they were supposed to be played couldn’t predict the spawn just overall felt like they had bad flow to them but overall now that I got a better idea of how this map works and you’ll see the other DLC maps very soon as well so stay tuned for that make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already if you’re interested in paying attention anything about spawn guides on my channel.

So go ahead and make sure you pay attention to that they should be coming very soon but they do help map knowledge map awareness is the key in a boots on the ground Call of Duty and any call of duty in general just keep that in mind hopefully enjoyed the video go ahead make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already click that like button like to know your thoughts down in the comment section if you think these videos are helpful if they are go ahead and make sure you click that like button sent those notifications on ring the bell if you can thank you for watching as always have a great day

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