Welcome to JGod Gaming in today’s video I’m refocusing on how to win more hardpoint matches in Call of Duty World War two there’s actually a few different reasons I did want to make this video I have been receiving a few requests in the comment section related to my hardpoint video to go a little bit more in detail the second reason I want to make the video as I watch Cod World League Dallas over the weekend and I saw a bunch of good good matches but I saw a lot of it came down to who really controlled the spawns and how the spawns influenced the matches significantly so I’m gonna get into that and break it down but so we’re all clear we’ll exactly what I’m talking about.

Here’s a map of ardent forest the number is 1 2 3 & 4 are the hardpoint locations and all the red areas other spawns usually the spawn spawn cross from each other so if someone spawns on the far left the enemies usually spawning on the far right if someone spawns on the bottom left someone usually spawning at the top-right the next slide that I’m put on the screen is just gonna look like a bunch of numbers but I’m gonna go ahead and walk into it this is a data I gather from watching the cwl Dallas and watching 4 different matches of the pros play and then just paying attention to the spawns and how the spawns flipped throughout the match so anytime I flipped I paused it wrote down exactly where the hardpoint poly was and what the score was and then kind of modified it as the match went on so I kept track of it and as long as the spawns were coming out of the left.

I kept the people scoring out of the left and on the right the right so looking at the four different matches what I really want to focus on is the difference here so on the first hard point wasn’t a huge difference of four matches as 111 the second hard point was 192 but the monster is a hard point number three so as you can guess because of where a hard point number three is located in that bunker if you spawn on the left you have a huge advantage since your enemies have to run a good you know five eight ten seconds before they can even get back to the bunker so you pretty much have won the bunker if you have those spots and have locked it down and as you can see hardpoint number four it’s a highly contested one the numbers are nowhere near as high as all three are the categories on the left and the right so you can kind of see that that one’s probably least valuable the hardpoint it’s definitely worth contesting but you primarily want to set yourself up for an ideal spot.

I controlling the spawns you can obviously see a trend that if you have all the less spawns you’re more likely to win the matches so what I’m gonna do is put on the sums so you can kind of see the difference there and there it is you see the huge difference there is the hardpoint tally versus the 543 from left to right the variance there is 664 so more than double from left to right so what that really tells you is you have to position yourself to get those left spawns at all times the most important Hill is Hill number three so when it comes up in the rotation you got to make sure that you have those left spots to secure that victory because of variants of 295 over the course of four matches it’s pretty significant that’s at 80 points or so difference between each match which equates to about a third of the points you need at 251 match I wanted to point out from the weekend was optic gaming versus enigma on the first Hill optic gaming was actually able to get 51 out of the 60 on the hardpoint which was completely opposite of the other three matches I looked at but one thing that was very important in this match is that optic gaming was upside down by about 20 kills in the kill death ratio.

So they weren’t in strong command of the actual match by any means but because they controlled the spawns better they were able to get positioned to actually win more so they might have died a bunch at the bunker but guess what they were spawning left so they can control the bunker so when you kind of look at the examples like that in real life examples of pros getting it done the right way they’re using the spawns effectively to control the map they see where they’re spawning and they know where they’re spawning they can actually manipulate the map and have a better idea of where to position themselves so they can guarantee victory because even though your gun skill might not be perfect but map awareness and positioning are gonna be key because if you can out position your opponent you’re more than likely gonna win especially in hardpoint when you seen the numbers as drastic disease although I only looked at four matches in critical detail tracking step by stat.

What I did is when I did will actually watch the event live I was paying attention to these types of things and I noticed that the the matches that were won and lost were heavily decided by where the spawning happened not necessarily the initial spawn of the left but the overall spawns in general so I would bet that if you’re spawning 60 70% of the time left odds are you going to win the match another factor I think contributes to the left is just because there’s a little bit better head glitches better lines of sight from the left so in general if your position on the left side of the map you’re more than likely gonna win those gunfights just because your enemy has to run out of cover into a bad position so hopefully you enjoyed the video I’d like to know your thoughts down in the comment section if you felt that this was thorough enough helpful enough or whatever the case go ahead and leave a comment and I really appreciate that feedback also if you did like the video native way go ahead and remember to click that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already I do have that giveaway going on so if you’d like to enter go ahead and check out my page thank you for watching as always have a great day

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