The PPSH-41 submachine gun in Call of Duty: WW2 is a good all-around submachine gun. The PPSH-41 has a decent fire rate and damage and can compete with assault rifles at medium range and is stronger than assault rifles at close range. To best exploit that competitive edge it is important that you can get to where you want to go stealthily and quickly. And, as you will be behind enemy lines, it will be important that you can react quickly to seeing an enemy. In support of those tactics use the steady aim PPSH-41 attachement which make firing from the hip more accurate.

The rifling attachment increases your range. Use the silencer on and off depending on whether you care about being noticed by enemies. If you are going into a big fight it is better to leave it off to boost your damage, but if you are taking out enemies one by one it is best to keep it on so as not to alert other enemies. The best division for the PPSH-41 is airborne which gives you access to the silencer and increases your movement speed. The best basic training is the gunslinger which allows you to fire whilst sprinting so that you can take full advantage of the airbone basic training. Choose your favorite secondary for when you run out of ammunition.

Use the smoke grenade to let you move through open areas and not be taken out from range by the various rifles. This is the complete best class setup for the PPSH-41..

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