Welcome to JGod gaming in a today’s video we’re gonna be looking at the spawns for Valkyrie and team deathmatch domination and hardpoint and then I will also have the capture the flag spawns up on the screen as well which all can be found in the description below I’ll also be having the different time stamps so that you could skip ahead if you only play a specific mode or had questions about a specific mode spawns so go ahead and check that out in the description below so while I map still loading up hopefully can help me out with this part which is the video has a light goal of 75 so hopefully you can help me get up there if you do enjoy the video make sure you click that like button subscribe.

If you haven’t already make sure you ring that Bell have the notifications on and then make sure you leave a comment in the bottom I’ve been noticing there’s been a little bit of downtick and comments but I pretty much haven’t been asking for them in the videos so if you can I’d like to know your thoughts down in the comment section below please and thank you so for the spawns you can see them on the map in the top right corner they’re very limited just to these edges of the map so the top right corner in the lower left corner which make it very easy to trap your enemy team in in a designated area so as I’ve played this map online I was able to actually find the top spawns pretty easily and I kind of just hit it in the one room up there and just kind of pick people off as it came around by the truck which you’ll see demonstrated in this video with the bots I use bots just demonstration purposes again so you can actually see that the spawns are working the way that I am talking about them working through trial and error I was able to find out this is where you spawn obviously when you get into different modes the spawns do change quite a bit so just keep in mind that when we go into the next mode and the mode after that responds are slightly different especially on this map with a hard point it does get kind of way more spawns which is nice to see.

But those sponsors be corporated in the map on a regular basis so I’m just kind of navigating around the map I got my recon plane already up so I got a idea of where people are so I’m just gonna go ahead and call that in right now as soon as I get this next kill and then pretty much just position myself so that I can take out these people coming around this truck side you can see you can just peek out they come on the other side of that truck so since it blocks the view of them they’ll continually spawn in the back corner so you can see they’re either gonna be pushing out through mid or they’re gonna be pushing out through this left side so I continue to just hold down the area right here and just kind of position back and forth because I know they’re gonna keep popping out obviously they’re BOTS but when I did play with regular people I was just in the building right behind me now that the spawns are starting on a flip I go and rotate back to the other side and you’ll experience the same thing they all spawn from the same general area and I could push through this right side here that you see me going through and then pretty much I could pop out and take them off coming off a spawn and just kind of get them coming off this way so the spawns are again very predictable on this map.

They’re very rigid they’re gonna keep coming over here and even though I’m in this area I got enough of my teammates that they’re probably not gonna flip yet so you can see that they pushed out through this building and as soon as I go ahead and come over here then they start spawning behind me again so again the spawns are very rigid will probably skip on to the next next part of domination but if you have any questions about TDM spawns in general or any questions about the video make sure you leave that down in the comment section below so when it comes to the domination spawns you can see that they’re pretty similar there is one or two different areas on the right-hand side in that top corner where the spawns have been stretched to just a little bit and then you can also see the different areas that you’re supposed to cap and that’s pretty much kind of how this map plays it’s not too much different than what I was just talking about on team deathmatch but I’ll demonstrate some of those things don’t forget to like the video if you’re still watching and enjoying the content make sure you go ahead and subscribe and have those notifications on by ringing that bell so I go ahead and start the map off and I already know they’re gonna be pushing from that top right side so what I do is I go ahead and push kind of through the middle get this flag.

Just so I can get the points get me on my way to my recon plane because you know the points are a little bit slower in domination and then I push around knowing that they’re already at the V flag so I come through cut this area and pretty much you can actually get the two different windows so if this teammate behind me isn’t stayin looking straight right there I wouldn’t have to worry about it but you can see now they’re only gonna be pushing out of this top right corner and there’s a guy slipping around the right side to go for a flank so I’ll go ahead and turn around take him out and pretty much as long as you got that the two flags if you got either a and B or B and C you can actually Center your focus so that you can actually kind of cut off your enemy opponents from pushing too far you don’t really want a triple cap on this map just because the way you can position you can pretty much just corner them off if you do get a triple cap you got to have a really good team together to make sure that you don’t flip the spawns because you already have them corralled in this area push a little too much deeper then you’re gonna go ahead and cut off the spawn.

You can see right now I’m standing kind of in one of those spawn zones and they just keep coming out they’ll just keep coming out and as long as I keep doing this they’ll keep coming out of that area the the team didn’t do a good job of countering them in that corner but pretty much that’s what you can do in domination if you happen to spawn over by the top right side from the beginning now or you’re pushing from that side you can do the same thing on the opposite if you just get the C flag and the B flag you can kind of Center the enemy team there might be a random spawn as a result if you push too far so that’s really why you want to stay on the outside of this spawn area just so they can continue to spawn in that corner so you can see even though my team is kind of pushing right at c-captain see the enemy team keeps pushing through this corner side and spawning on this corner side we might have pushed a little too deep it looks like one of them snuck all the way around or the spawns flip so you see now I’m pushing over to the other side take out this guy and then pretty much continue to push because now we’re starting to lose that objective and the enemy team keeps spawning on this other side so I pushed forward a little bit closer.

We take them out pretty quickly and then the spawns proceed to start flipping again so that’s pretty much the method obviously this is a triple cap typically I don’t really recommend triple cap I recommend just the two and hold the people off because then you got better control you want the map pan real quick and you got a really good coordinated team triple capping is fine but typically as soon as you go for that triple cap the spawns flip and then they take over the other cap so it’s still like your double cap so keep that in mind we’ll go ahead and move on to hard point again while that’s loading up just a friendly reminder make sure you click that like button down into the bottom of the screen there and then go ahead and make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already and have them notifications on by ringing that bell so with the with the different hardpoint locations you can see there’s tons responds there’s tons of spawn so as though the spawn point rotates with the actual hard point you’ll kind of see those happen as we kind of play through so right now it’s at mid as the time progresses I know they’re coming from this back corner because that’s kind of a standard spawn.

But as the hard point is going to begin to rotate you’re gonna see some of the changes to the spawns of direction to where enemies are coming from so typically the the spawns are always gonna be opposite of each other so for example at the start of the the match for hardpoint one spawns are the bottom left and then the top right but when the hardpoint rotates to maybe a different point you’re gonna have different spawn points that are opposite of each other that are pretty close in distance as far as how far you got to walk now when it for this map so if you’re looking at the map right now you probably won’t actually see a difference until we get to a hard point three or hard point four just because they want to make it so that the enemy team or the the team that’s not in the hard point has an equal chance to get to the hard point based off the ways design so this one it still looks like bottom left top right corner for the spawns so pretty much that’s the way this this hard point holds out nothing crazy there and then we just gotta wait for it to rotate and pretty much see where the change happens there it looks like spawns flipped a little bit now they’re coming from the bottom-left spawns and pushing through that direction but it just depends on how the how the maps planes.

So right now we have so many teammates in the hardpoint the spawns are coming from that bottom left and probably bottom mid so when you when you play the map you you have to be aware of where the spawns are or the spawn you know rotations are gonna be where the next rotation is gonna be so you can better prepare for it a lot of times when I play the actual game I actually pull up the maps on my screen like I said those are available to just click on and you can download them to your phone or your computer so right now I’m rotating to the next hard point they’re still spawning bottom left but my teammate will probably start spawning bottom right just so that we have an equal push once everyone dies out or makes it to the center that’s pretty much where the push will be coming from either this bottom left or bottom right not too much pushing from it so that’s probably a good opportunity if you want a flank around since the majority of everyone’s gonna be pushing through the right and the left you can actually come from the top side from from a hard point one and cut down to a hard point three so you can see that demonstrated they are pushing a little bit through mid but it looks like they went straight through and then cut down.

So but their spawning still left side they still have a straggler up top might have spawned up there may have just walked around that way but for the most part you can see the spawns are coming from the left on the right side where my teammates positioned they might have forced a spawn to go top right and that’s why they’re straggling to come down here so the spawns do move a little bit like I said they’re not 100% fixed that they’re only gonna sponsor this location or that location but you can see pretty pretty you know straight forward that they’re they’re spawning top right so now I got the next hard point and this hard point where we should get these bottom-left spawns I’m more than likely and they’re gonna either get that mid right spawn or top right spawn so the left spawns are probably the more ideal for this situation just because you got to walk a lot farther if you’re coming from the right side they could potentially come down at the bottom to where hardpoint 3 is it’s just a matter of knowing the map is you kind of filling out where your teammates are because a lot of times it’s gonna be dictated where you’re at where your teammates are at and then where the hard points at not necessarily where the enemy teams at.

So they want to make sure that they’re spawning people and safe spawn locations the only way they can do that is if there’s really none of your teammates around so your teammates are too deep in the spawn they’re probably gonna ruin the spawn there so while that continues to roll in the background I switch over to capture the flag spawn points just on the screen I don’t want to do a whole map of that one because it’s pretty straight forward there are pretty similar responds to what we’ve seen so far top right corner bottom left corner nothing new there and then there’s these little little routes right in the middle where it’s gonna spawn you right in the bottom mid and then top mid so I think those ones are more just to prevent spawn trapping because as soon as you trap the spawn in the other area but I’m sure people are smart enough to figure out how to stop that so it’s just a matter of playing the map.

Hopefully you enjoyed the spawn guide again the light goal is 75 so if you can help me out with that go ahead and smash that like button if you can right now please thank you and then also go ahead and subscribe if you’re still watching you probably enjoy this type of content and you probably want to stay up to date with my new videos so make sure you ring that Bell keep the notifications on support still being great channels still been growing thank you all so much thank you for watching in as always have a great day

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