The STG44 rifle in Call of Duty: WW2 is a powerful, versatile rifle. The STG44 is good at medium range and also competitive at close and olong range. The low recoil makes it easy to aim and the damage output means that time to kill is fast. To maximize your advantage over enemies be sure to always try to keep a piece of cover between you and the enemy to reduce the amount of area they can hit you on. The best attachments for the STG44 are those that make the rifle even more versatile. The grip STG44 attachment reduces the recoil even further. The lens sight makes it easier to see enemies. Extended mags increases the amount of ammunition in your magazine which helps you be able to kill more enemies in a row. The best division for the STG44 is infantry as it gives you extra ammunition and lets you move faster whilst aiming down the sights, which you will want to do for just about every kill.

The best basic training for the STG44 is lookout which lets you see the red enemy names from much farther away. This makes it much easier to spot and kill enemies that you didn’t even know where there. Choose your favorite secondary in case you ever run out of ammo and use the smoke grenade to block the vision of snipers and to secure objectives. Here is the complete best class setup for the STG44..

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