The Toggle Action shotgun in Call of Duty: WW2 is a semi-automatic shotgun with a decent fire rate, damage and range. You will need to maneuver the map so that you only get into fights where you have a chance since the range limitations of the Toggle Action shotgun means that at anything other than close range you cannot fight back. You will want to pull the trigger in time with the fire rate cap of the Toggle Action shotgun so that you can place shots deliberately. The best attachments for the Toggle Action shotgun are those that help boost your range and increase the number of enemies you can take on in quick succession. Steady aim reduces the spread of the pellets making it easier to kill enemies from further away. Extended mag increases the number of shells per magazine letting you take on more enemies at once. The advanced rifling attachment reduces the damage fall of of the Toggle Action shotgun making it easier to secure kills at the edge of your range.

The best division for the Toggle Action shotgun is infantry since you go through the incendiary shells far too quickly for them to be worth it. The infantry division grants an extra attachment and gives you more starting ammunition, both of which are important. The best basic training is hustle as you will frequently need to reload quickly after taking out a few enemies. Take your favorite secondary in case you run out of ammo and use the smoke grenade to screen your movement through open areas. Here is the complete best class setup for the toggle action shotgun..

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