What’s up guys Jimmy your Kaos welcome back, and I’ve got some pretty cool stuff for you guys today something I’ve been working on for a while And I’m going to show you what I consider maybe to be one of the best guns If not the best gun in the game, and I have been grinding to unlock this gun since I got the game But what’s funny? What’s funny? Well I’ll explain it to you second, so if you go over to collections Okay, let me turn this down just a little bit. Yes. I’m wearing beats. I don’t have a gaming headset Go ahead and get your comments out now. Have fun with it all right. Okay, so you go over to collections and You guys already know you can unlock cool guns right like the Shaq man and the roundabouts and the revised and my number one focus was the Ppsh the Thrive well as you can see it’s already unlocked. I’m going to show you the clip of it unlocking right now Okay, so I accidentally unlocked it earlier today But the deal is the grind is real for this because you have to get armory credits And the only way you get armory critics is through doing contracts or whatever? It’s called challenges and getting duplicates and things like that in supply drops, so it takes forever And you can get your hourly wage every three or four hours in headquarters But it took forever right so I got all the little ones out of the way They didn’t cost a lot then you get up to this 61st battalion, and it was 8900 Armory credits, so I’ve been working on this thing forever.

I opened a Supply Drop about two hours ago and I got the 61st Battalion epic which automatically unlocked the Thrive That’s right. It automatically unlocked the gun for me, so I didn’t even as you can see I have 8800 Armory credits I was waiting for the next payroll to release and then I was going to do it live for you guys on a video but It’s a little secret. It’s not really a secret. You’ve probably seen other youtubers Talk about it, but if you go into your collections, and you’ve been opening supply drops at all They are counting towards your collection. There’s people out there I promise that have stuff that they’re ready to unlock that they don’t even know it so look the vt 40 I have three out of eight I Haven’t bought any of these the only thing I’ve spent Armory credits on is the ppsh stuff so you go down here I have three out of seven two out of eight three out of seven two out of seven and you can go down look at this one the M1903 I have six out of eight with this thing I need the big one obviously that’s the one you really want to get out of supply drops because there’s one big one that takes 8900 armory credits, and it’s usually a frickin outfit, which makes no sense But look all I have to do is get those two and I can get the Ranger in 1903 So if you go down look at that the type 102 checked out look at that.

I’m gonna unlock that here in just a minute a matter of fact I’m gonna unlock that for you guys right now here. We go. We got eye contact. We’re gonna spend some Armory credits here and Answer the call now we get the check down Pretty cool if you ask me. I think I have to checked out to do heroic I don’t know anyway, so yeah, that’s something that not everybody knows I go down through here four of eight three of seven five of eight two of seven That’s pretty cool The fact that they actually count toward the collections, and you don’t have to spend your ever so rare armory credits, which take forever to actually build up So go through your collections look through because I promise you you’ve got some stuff Towards these these epic weapons that you’re trying to get you probably you probably didn’t even realize it so now Let’s look at the PPSh.

That’s one we’re all focused on right now, and we’re gonna go to the firing range We’re gonna check it out, then I’m going to max prestige my division the airborne I’m gonna do that for you guys and then maybe we’ll try to play with the PPSh for me, okay So let’s go to soldier. Let’s go it doesn’t really matter where we go right PPSh We have the Oh Oh, when did I get the Hat? I? Didn’t even know I had that Automatic SMG that is that is beautiful. Let’s look at that one real quick Let’s get the camo off though. We don’t want any other camo, okay, I removed the camo So now we just have the snake. Let’s check this thing in the firing oh wow Wow wow wow wow wow? Okay, so the video was about to thrive And I have no clue when I got this I did not get this on the video the other day So I don’t know, but we now have the snake heroic Ppsh which is just? absolutely gorgeous Chrome, it’s got like a red finish wood to it That’s awesome that is awesome Okay, let’s check out The the one that the video was actually about the Thrive that’s the one that I was I was all excited about okay, so we’ve got the the Rusted gold look.

Let’s get to where we can see it in the light That’s pretty sick too, but now that I look and I’m looking at the snake this one Just doesn’t I don’t know which one’s better. Which one’s better guys. It doesn’t matter. They’re the same Oh This one’s got like the eagle or something on it when you shoot look at it. He’s like in your face That’s awesome okay. I want to know in the comments section, which one is better now I’ve got kids upstairs on iPads everywhere so my input lag or my controller lag is bad But we’re gonna try to play a match here in a second, and we’re gonna play it We’re gonna play it with the Thrive because that was what I was initially doing really it’s gonna be a little footage But really quick.

I want to prestige for you guys on my Airborne Division we’re gonna max that out, and then we’re gonna start a new one so let’s go over here. I’ve never done this Airborne level reset enter prestige for prestige rewards doremi we get a gun Yes, max prestige on air board alright. What gun is that though well gun is the doremi? Nice choice okay air boom do I get to? Do we get to see it, let’s go find the door Amy and see what it was okay? I found it really quick. It is the mp40 Doremi, Oh whew? that is Rough looking get this thing. Let’s get in the light here for you guys That is surprise the gun even works, but whatever Don’t rape me it is Alright, let’s set up our class We are going with The Thrive we’re not gonna use the snake to on this one.

We’re gonna go extended mag and Let’s go Better accuracy We’ll go with the grip guys. We are in a match Hopefully the controller lag is not too bad We’re gonna give it a go here with the PPSh the Thrive. I can’t believe I have the snake – that’s crazy I have no clue when I got that The will time – I Don’t know. I initially said the snake because it’s all chrome in that red wood But the moral look at this thing and how it fires with those those dudes right there. That’s pretty cool Let’s see how it works Dude automatically going up there is he Fix the glitch are you kidding me look at this guy? We’re playing a really really amazing group of individuals let me tell you Let me tell you They are some top-notch hike High quality Call of Duty players okay, look look look don’t let him up Kill it before he gets up. There you Carly took off running.

Yeah. He’s hiding waiting to try to get up there again What a douchebag I’m gonna burn him those lobbies with just you know every one of them is hiding around a corner Yesterday, I got some really good lobbies Wooo, there’s the thrive There’s the thrive all right They’re probably sole purpose is to get back up in that glitch What do you bet that’s alright? We got a good taste of the gun oh? The controller lag the controller lag oh it hit me just a second ago.

Can I hang on it? Like comes in spurts, and then it makes you feel like you’re in molasses. It’s crazy We’re gonna have to watch that slow-mo at the end that was fantastic I Hope that was the glitch of guy – that was absolutely great. We torched him in midair. I Told you guys we were going you can just tell They just have that mindset you know you’re not in it to win it that was great Recalling aircraft all right There we go now we’re getting somewhere Oh Nice this gun is amazing if you guys want to see a video with the snake Let me know obviously they’re the same thing with this one books It’s all about the line which is cool, but there you go guys.

Let’s see who got Sweaty in bounds one and an assist two And A three oh Right in the gut for good measure. Hope you guys enjoyed drop a like on the video Hope your holiday weakens going good if you’re going out for Black Friday. Be safe, and I’ll see you guys later.

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