Conquer Moon Box Guide

::Welcome to my moonbox guide!!::
Okey lets get started. First of all, you need to be at least at level 70 to enter the quest and to actually make it u’ll need to be at least lvl 97 becouse you will need sufficent defance to take at least 2 dmage from the quest monsters otherwise you will find yourself wasting a lot of money and time on potions.
Also this quest isn’t good for archers or water taos becouse they lack atack power and the monsters have a lot of health and it will take too much time to kill each monster.
::About the quest::
Not long ago the NPC called furtuneteller tried to break into some mysterious tactics and he almoust died from his attempt.
Now he will let you all level 70 and above players to try and suceed in what he failed and claim amazing rewards if you will make it, including super items and socketed armours.
Above all that you will need the moonbox for the promotion you can revice when you reach level 110.

The quest includes 9 maps:
One map is where you enter the quest,talk to the NPC called maggie and he will teleport you to the other maps.
Also this map is where you are teleported to when you get out of the other 6 maps:
Theese are the tactics where you need to claim 6 tokens one from each map:
Chaos,Disturbed,Deserted,Calmed,Peace and Prosperous.
To know where you are you should speak to the NPC gurdian god at the entrance of each map/tactic once you have found a token of this tactic. then you can go to the NPC in the upper left corner of the map which can teleport you out if you have the token.
Also there is the Death tactic which serves two porpouses:
The first is when you are teleported there by maggie and you don’t have the other 6 tokens, then the only way to get out is by death and of cource when you die u can loose some of the tokens you collected.
The secund porpuse is when you have all the 6 tokens you can exit each tactic you are teleported to untill you are teleported to Death tactic where the npc in the upper left corner of the map teleports you to the last tactic, the tactic where you claim your prize by the NPC clled lonly ghost(any one of them): 3 meteors or a moonbox.
A moonbox might have items that are worth a lot more then 3 meteors but may also have things which are worth a lot less and its up to your luck to determine what prize you can find.
Also you must choose to help the lonely ghost in the life tactic
or else all your efforts will be gone and you will be teleported out without your items.

:oing the quest::
there are some ways to do this quest some are harder yet less risky but some are easy but if you get to the Death tactic you might loose tokens and you will have to start almoust all over.

1.Solo – the simpest whay to do this quest: just go and collect the tactics alone yet it heavyly relies on your luck becouse for the last token you will have a 50:50 chance to get to a tactic or to the Death tactic.

2.Duel – have a team mate to help you collect tokens from the other tactics and when one gets to the Death tactic he hould stay there and when his team mate gets there he should give him all his tokens and kill, and pick the tokens he drops : this way the loss of tokens in death is reduced a lot yet you will have to collect two tokens to get a moonbox for you and your teammate(he will have to collect two untill one gets to death)

3.Full team – very hard to organize: you will need to insure each one of you will get to a diffrent token(if you get to death or the same tactic as your team mates die or ask someone to kill you)
then collect 6 tokens without going to other tactics after all the teammates have gotten 6 tokens get out of the tactics and share them so each has a token of each type. then you can claim the reward without loosing ANY tokes in the death tactic.
*This one is the most recomended and is almoust riskless.

1.Repair your equipments to full durability: you might be needeng to repair when you can exit one tactic.

2.High lvl players should have thier defance around 1100 by wearing weaker equips, so you wont get stuck when you arve at death tactic.

Appendix 1 -
Here is a way to see what tactic are you at without tokens (This WAS tested)
Calmed & prospereous – you get vanhila drops
Disturbed & deserted – Amerita
Peace and chaos – pancaca.

thats it foklks XD.

Notes -
it took me a long time to write the guide please apreciate it.

this information is from talking with other players and my own experience.

Credits go to emonkey.