In today’s video you will see 10 legit wallhacks in CS:GO. This video is sponsored by Use my code “K3JFY” to get special bonus money on site. Hey guys, NadeKing here. This video is the proof that Valve has actually given us some opportunities to wallhack legally without using any illegal softwares. These are awful bugs and I hope some day these spots will get fixed. So, in today’s video, I show you 10 spots, where you can see people through the walls. Let’s go. Let’s start off with an insane wallhack on De_Mirage. Go to top middle. Build the three man tower right here on this edge. Guy, who is on the top of the tower can see almost half of the map. This is just an amazing, supergeneral info position. You have to try it out and see if it helps you in your game or not. Anywayz, great spot to get a lot of info if you are playing a slow round. Alright, De_Nuke lobby. This ladder is really helpful tool. If you climb the ladder a bit then you can easily see through this ceiling to the T roof.

It works both ways. Great to know if you want to scout the roof before going out there. De_Cache, squeaky. This wallhack was featured in one of my latest De_Cache tricks videos, you can check this video out from the right top corner of this video. So, I won’t stop on this for too long. Crouch, play around with your crosshair till your right side of the screen sees through A main. Totally free wallhack for you. De_Train ivy. You need 3 people to get this work, but make a two-man tower right here. Now when the guy on top jumps he can see the Ivy. Just keep jumping and getting this easy info from Ivy. If someone really decides to push you can kill him easily, as this tower position is good offangle as well.

Supergeneral. Next up De_Nuke once again. We are on the silo. If you make a 2-man tower on the really edge of this silo. And now when the top guy jumps down from the silo like this he could see behind this blue container on CT side outside. This is because, container model dissapears on a right distance, as you can see. Now this is not really practical as you are losing 75hp when falling to the ground, although you can get someone to catch you or jump towards T roof and then you will only lose 25 hp.

I do not recommend you to do it as you will most likely lose some valuable hp no matter what, but still, at least it is great to show this sneaky wallhack to your friends. Italy. This is first ever trick on Italy by me and also sorry for not knowing the callouts. So, come to this corner and make a 2-man boost here. Now you can see through this wall and basically be a wallhacker from this position. If you play this map a lot, it will be great addition to your Italy tricks arsenal. Alright, Assault. Same thing with Italy, never showed any tricks here and I don’t know the callouts well. So, climb this ladder and here you can see people inside hiding in this corner. Thanks for HSTop for showing me this wallhack, make sure to check out his YouTube channel as well, a lot of great tricks there and he makes CS:GO look so beautiful. Anywayz, supergeneral stuff.

De_Train once again. Heaven. This is rather a really tiny gap than a wallhack, but as it is in a strange position let’s consider this as a little wallhack today. Break the glass and have a look towards CT spawn. You can see anyone coming from that way towards bombsite. And you can kill them, definitely before they even see you. It is nearly impossible to see you, that is why we can consider this as a wallhack as well. Again Assault, this map just keeps giving nice wallhacks. If someone is in the vents right about here. You can see them through this roof window and brutally kill them. They can see nothing, so you are safe and remember this when you are in the vents yourself.. this is a really bad wallhack. And the last tip of this video. Again De_Train, this is not as powerful as others but still a wallhack. You can see anyone who stays around here from the ladder position.

Just scope in if you are not sure and you can people like this. Really situational, but still a wallhack. So hit the like button if you enjoyed and check out my Twitter for the ongoing knife giveaway, this beauty right here. Hopefully, you improved your supergeneral CS:GO knowledge and thanks for watching! Now its the right time to click on the next video..

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