When you play CS GO, chances are you’ll see a lot of mistakes made time and time again. Well we’ve noticed them too and are here to count down our Top 10 Mistakes CS GO players make. Consider this a good noob guide if you’re hoping to get into CS as well as these are the mistakes you want to avoid. My name is Taco and welcome to ValveGuides. At number 10, we have practicing. The first thing we’ve noticed is that people who hop onto CS GO for the first time automatically assume they’ll be good at the game and got straight for competitive. But in reality, even these prodigies practiced for years and years at their craft due to a heightened interest in it.

CS Go is kinda like that, practice over and over again and you should learn the ropes, speaking of which… Coming in at number 9 is learning from pro players. A mistake we see a lot of arrogant folks make is assuming that they’ll just be better at the game than the pro’s. This mindset can stick with you even after months or years of practice, making you more and more arrogant., The best idea is to stop, watch some pro’s play, and take notes. Pro players are the best out there, which means they’re your best bet to learn pro level skills. At number eight is settings. A problem we see with FPS’ like Overwatch and CS GO is that players try too much to imitate others in terms of settings. So they mess with their games settings in the hopes that it will make them better. In reality, always changing your settings makes it even harder to get used to your controls, constantly throwing you off.

Do what makes you comfortable and your skill should improve. Coming in at number seven is focusing on unimportant weapons. In CS GO there are three weapons that form a holy trinity, the AK, the M4, and the AWP. But we see plenty of people try to make the negev . . . [CASTER] . . . and he gets two more right after that! Headshots on all three of them! Looking for both – He gets it! Can he get the ace?! [Taco] . . . or m249 work which, while noble, isn’t a move recommended for noobs. Focus on those three weapons we mentioned and you should be gold as they’re dependable powerhouses that will get the jobs done. Other weapons like the galil, famas, and even some smgs are useful without a doubt, but focusing on the essentials is a priority when starting out. Coming in at number six is reloading. Reloading is one of the most important thing in an FPS as you always want a full magazine so you don’t lose a firefight. [WAROWL] Guns in Counter Strike have magazines that hold rounds.

When you run out, you have to put a new one in. That’s called reloading! [Taco] CS:GO is the exception as, given it’s faster pace, you may not wanna reload until your out of ammo or your sure no one is near. As, if you reload you make yourself a bit of a helpless target that can be easily gunned down by an enterprising foe. So pretty much, don’t be that guy who reloads when he has only used a single bullet. You’d be surprised how much this can save you. On another note, it is possible to fake the enemy out with the reloading sound. If you start to reload and quickly change weapons and change back, the reload cancels but the sound keeps playing. You can make an enemy think you’re still reloading and surprise them when they try to take you in an aim duel.

At number five we have controlling your temper. This one is particularly tough for noobs . . . *ANGRY RUSSIAN YELLING* . . . but we’ve seen plenty of people walk in calm and controlled only to die, die, and die until they get frustrated and angry. The problem is that getting mad means you get irrational and start making mistakes. We recommend stopping, breathing, drinking some water, and remind yourself it’s just a game, nothing worth breaking your keyboard over. Number four! Charging as a CT.

A mistake we see people, especially those unfamiliar with the rules of CS, do is to to charge the enemy constantly not matter what side they’re on. When you’re terrorists this isn’t the worst idea in the world but when you’re CT it’s a terrible as you’ll likely run into a group of terrorists who’ll turn you into swiss cheese. There are times to push as a ct, but the majority of the time it isn’t one of those times. Just hang back with your team and let the terrorists walk into a killing field because sometimes they’ll wind up with mistimed aggression. Speaking of which At number three is mistimed aggression. This happens a lot when you play as terrorists as you’re tempted to charge the bomb site only to realize you’re not with your team, the enemy has full utility, and you don’t have a clue what the counter-terrorist’s setup is.

Waiting can draw out information as to how many people are playing on a site and you can even get them to waste utility on you. If they’ve thrown two smokes, you know there are at least two people in the general area. You also know there’s a good chance that they won’t have another smoke grenade to stop your full push. We’ve seen plenty of players, especially terrorists, charge in to arm the bomb only to be gunned down. But there is a way around this and it leads us to our other mistake in a battle… Coming in at number two is map control. There are two ways people define map control. Some say it’s having knowledge of the map and knowing the common flanks, nade spots, and pushes on each map. Other would define it as anchoring around the map and controlling the entire map.

It doesn’t matter how you define it as both of these are necessities. Not only do you need to be able to know everything about the maps layout, but controlling where the enemy is and where you’re letting them push is important. [COMMENTATOR] This allows them to not only prevent you from gaining mid control as a Terrorist, but also allows the rest of his teammates to focus on other avenues and not worry about being flanked from mid [Taco] Before we jump into number one, we’d like to give a huge thanks to our sponsor CSGORoll.

On csgoroll.com you can play fun games like crash, dice, and roulette. You can win some awesome skins! If you want to get started, use code “guides” or the link in the description to get 50cents for free! At number one we have communication. [COMMENTATOR] Teamwork in CS:GO is only slightly, slightly less important than being able to move and shoot. [Taco] Specifically the lack of it here and you know what I mean, the guy who assumes he’s Rambo and refuses to talk to his team. This usually leads to the aggression thing we mentioned earlier and your team being turned to swiss cheese. Plus, a communicating team will be able to easily steamroll you over and over again. It’s the most important quality in team based shooters for a reason and that’s why it takes number 1. There’s no I in team..

But there is a me sooooo Well everyone, that does it for this video. If you enjoyed, let us know by leaving a like and a comment! If you want to see more content, hit that subscribe button. Again, thanks for watching and stay amazing. <3.

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