Welcome to the first part of my Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beginners guide in this video i’ll go through the very basics everyone should be aware of, aaaand a few advises coming from my personal experience. 1. Mouse, Keyboard, Headset and Microphone. Contrary to popular belief, you absolutely do not need top shelf gear at first all you really need is a Mouse and a Keyboard that you feel comfortable with remember, it is all a matter of preference, so don’t just blindly follow someones opinion. The Headset is somewhat a different matter, sound is vital in most FPS games if you pay attention it will reveal the locations of your enemies as well as plethora of other indicators that can help you and your teammates win. Microphone is an integral part of Counter-Strike, its very important to communicate with your teamates you don’t need anything fancy, as long as it works, and your voice is easy to understand. There is a great Number of solid Headsets, Mice, Microphones and Keyboards on the market, both budget and the pricier ones, i urge you to do a little bit of research on your own, to find something that you like pop back on my channel in the future for videos with my personal recommendations.

2. Configuration. This is a diffuclt beast to tacle overall, mainly because of one of the reccuring words in this video: Preference if you would take a look at ten random pro players configurations, you would most likely get a little bit confused, their resolution will often vary greatly their crosshair is almost always different, as are all the little graphical sliders and more. Lets try anyway, starting with Resolution, i would personally recommend to use your screens native resolution, in my case its 1920×1080 with Aspect Ratio now you will often encounter proffesional players, using Aspect Ratio and lower Resolutions the reason behind that is usually the fact they started playing back in the or days where these were the standard resolutions, which means they got used to it over the years and do not feel comfortable with the new ones, again this is a matter of preference, the smaller Ratio resolutions, will make models and surroundins bigger, ergo more noticable but the sides of your vision will be cut considerably, so you can easily miss enemies outside of your screens edges, chose whats most comfortable for you.

The next step is Mouse Sensitivity, it’s something you need to play with, and adjust as you go, your sensitivity shouldn’t be too low, in which case you might not be able to swiftly turn around but it also shouldn’t be so high that you have difficulty in aiming precisely counter-strike is a fast paced game, but you still need high precision keep adjusting your sensitivity until you find a level that makes you feel both precise and agile in game make sure to disable Mouse Acceleration, and Enable Raw Input. Crosshair, another matter of countless debates but ultimately personal preference, click here for a tool that lets you customize it outside the game when you find what you like, just use the command lines generated on the website and apply them in the games developer console i recommend using a Dynamic Crosshair for the first few months, so you can visually get used to the recoil of all the weaponry.

Play with all the other in game settings on your own wether you need to lower your graphic quality to gain sufficent amount of frames per second change colors of your HUD to something you like or define how your game behaves when you pick up a weapon off the ground its all up to you, and as you gain more experience you will find the exact settings that fit your playstyle, copying others is not the way to go. 3. What game modes should you start with? The first three big things everyone should learn are, aiming, movement, and map layouts for aiming and movement, the most effective first tool, are deathmatch servers they are fast paced, train you to aim quickly and pricesly, and have the least downtime to do so another great tool to improve your aim, are aim_maps there is a variety of servers with those available in the server browser, alternatively you can download them from the community workshop and practice with AI. For map layouts, first tool should be Casual servers, but Deathmatch is fine as well there is nothing wrong with jumping into a game with couple of bots, just to train without the pressure of competing with other people.

When or if you feel confident enugh, don’t be afraid to jump into Competetive play many people will tell you, that you shouldn’t play competitive when you are new, but that is a load of bullshit, you will be placed into a rank according to your skill and can safely play with people on your own level but remember Competitive play is based on teamwork, most people who play the competitive mode, play to win, if you don’t want to do your best, whatever your best might be, just use other modes. Thank you so much for watching my first video if you found it helpful throw me a like if you would like to see more in the future subscribe and drop some feedback in the comment section.

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