-GB Armour reduces he-grenade damage by 40%. Here are some number comparisons to make that sink in. I used a nice teleport system to suspend grenades in various positions around a terrorist. There’s an area that inflicts a maximum, capped damage value. This is cuboid-shaped with a radius of 16, going from the waist up to above his head the same distance. If a grenade explodes within this area it delivers 98 damage without armour, or 58 with. Having a helmet doesn’t make a difference. Is it possible to kill people with a single grenade? Yes. If you manage to do this, check the damage in the console, as it will probably say it was done in 2 hits. Without armour, hitting somebody with a grenade does 2 damage. With, 1. IF it hits the player and then delivers full damage, a grenade can inflict 100 damage, or 59 if they’re wearing armour. Funnily enough, in these tests the grenade would only hit the enemy if at a height of around 32 units or slightly lower. I could have been here all day testing the drop-off of the grenade damage. It doesn’t matter if you look towards, or away from the grenades.

If detonated at ground-level, It takes 384 units to be completely safe from a grenade. This is the height of a 3-storey building, or 6 head-height crates. You’ll sustain 50% of the damage at around 128 units, which is 2 crates. Crouching makes a difference. If a grenade is in the air, you will receive marginally less damage if you crouch to get further away. Likewise, if it’s on the ground, don’t crouch, or better still, jump to get further away from it. That being said, either way you’re still going to sustain similar damage and if you’re in a firefight your last moments may be better spent shooting back at them. What if you blow yourself up? I found damage to be pretty much the same as against enemies. I wasn’t able to achieve the almighty 1-hit kill since your own grenade seems to magically pass through you. A shame, I know! Against team-mates it delivers 85% of the damage, thanks to this console command. Grenades also tag players caught in the blast. That is to say, it slows them down. How much it does this depends on the distance you are from the blast, whether or not you have armour, and just as importantly, which weapon you have out.

I tested with a knife, glock, M4A4 and negev. At most, with a knife equipped you slow down by 40% and only when the grenade is within 192 units. Compare that with the negev, which tags you for 80% of your speed, even if it only inflicts a couple of points of damage. This topic deserves a video of its own. Thanks to Slothsquadron for pointing out the differences that different weapons make! The general rule, regardless of weapon equipped, is that grenades only inflict considerable damage if within 192 units of the target. That’s the same as 3 crates or 18 bananas. Good luck in your quest of throwing the elusive one-hit kill grenade!.

As found on Youtube