This video covers how to aim, how much damage a weapon can cause and different armor What’s the difference. You can click on the timestamp in this video’s profile to jump to the part you are interested in! I can prove that even if you do not feel the game, but as long as the shooting is accurate, you can red points in the competitive game into gold or even higher position. Of course, I still suggest both of these abilities. First, the foundation. Stand well, aim at somewhere, Then shoot. You see, the bullet landed and your aiming point get close is not it! Remember, if you make a splash You do not have time to use this technique. Squat can be further Raise the accuracy, if you use the weapon on the sight effect is the same. Most weapons have no sight, if any You only need to use it when shooting remotely. Of course, the sniper rifle should say another. Because when you do not open the gun when the gun is no sight.

This time the accuracy of the gun is quite poor, such as video. Let us look at another extreme case. This is one of the AK47, one of the most popular weapons in the game. Let’s try while walking and shooting. If the enemy is standing in front of this wall, He basically can not die. I do not believe we try. In fact, we can do better. We try to stand still and then shot again, this is already Quite a lot better than before.

Do not think it is very interesting? Bullet left one Pretty good track! If I try again, you will see the result is still the same. This is not a coincidence. If you’re ready to keep firing, you have to understand the trajectory so you can Correctly correct it with your mouse or the handle. Here are some URLs It’s interesting to show these tracks above. I will leave these URLs in the video introduction. The trajectory of each weapon is slightly different, and I think This topic can be in-depth explanation so I will not say more here. Just remember Rebound in CSGO inside does not work. It would be best if I showed it now Practice in the context of an empty deathmatch server and infinite bullets, and for a while I’ll explain why Create such a room.

We’ve already tried to shoot and shoot. Is there any way in between? The answer is yes. The first 2-3 rounds of most weapons are very accurate and stable. You can use this method multiple shots, Make enemies harder to shoot you. Always remember to be completely still before you shoot, otherwise Accuracy will be affected. As you can see now, if you have not practiced before moving up and shooting, Shooting the enemy is basically impossible.

Stop and shoot again. This game style is considered a compromise, Make you more accurate and relatively hard to hit. Pistols will not be greatly affected by the accuracy of the operation, so It is best to make good use of this, and quickly move around shooting To avoid the enemy’s fight back. You will learn how hard it is to hit enemies moving left and right using such techniques In general, the farther the enemy is from you, The more you should shoot less. When you hit the front of the enemy, you can hold down the key to open fire and let go To counteract the effects of slowing down when hit, however More importantly, you should focus on accuracy, short press open fire.

Remember, CSGO is not a drag-and-drop game. Killing an enemy does not require a hundred rounds of ammunition. Now let’s learn how M4A4 can kill an enemy without armor at close range and how many bullets to use. Headshot 1 hair. Down to the trunk 3 hair. Then down 4 points … 5 legs. Remember that this is the ideal damage value standing next to the enemy. Damage will decrease with distance. The rifle is powerful at all distances, but at a reasonable distance from its cheaper pistol, shotgun and submachine gun Will have no useless. Armor buy allows you to withstand the bullet and grenade damage. It can offset most pistols, Submachine guns and shotgun damage, and allows you to live longer rifles shots. However, some weapons, For example AK47, even wearing a helmet can be a headshot. In some cases, especially when wearing armor, shot at Little brother or leg can drop more blood. But apart from these, I still It is advisable to shoot people at the top as there is a chance of headshot damage.

When you are hit, your perspective will shake, which will make you It becomes hard to aim. This is called Yan shot. Another advantage of armor is to be able to Dramatically reduce this effect. This can really decide whether you’re dead or alive. Buy an armor need 650, can protect your body and arms, if you spend 1000 bought Helmets plus armor, the only area on your body is not protected only legs. Let’s try again Shoot these people. This time they put on armor. Headshot now need 2 hair instead of 1 made. To the next point of the trunk to 4 fatal rather than 3 hair, and then point to the next 5 hair instead of 4 hair.

The leg is still the same. Summary: killing a person in CSGO does not need a lot of bullets. The exact number of rounds is much stronger than a lot of random shots. CSGO is testing aiming skills, unless you can be very smart and accurate, otherwise it will be very easy to play discouraged. Now we talk about changing shells. This is the same test comparing people. In fantasy, you always want enough guns to kill the enemy. Instead of playing the empty cartridge or change the cartridge was captured to death. Therefore, after each exchange of fire with the enemy, remember to check your level of ammunition And do not need to change their shells. If needed, retreat or find a safe place Change bullets Most weapons have enough reserves of ammunition, however Some are not, for example CZ, mute version M4A1, mute version USP and P250.

You want to make sure that each shot when using these guns All calculations. If you are entangled in this, consider buying a useful backup weapon In case the situation is critical. When practicing, you should use it more Your main weapon. These are the questions about the weapons in CSGO. To shoot accurately, if you have to shoot, then understand the trajectory of weapons, and remember to buy! Loaded! A It will not affect you. Click here’s video to learn about the purchase menu. Interesting at the same time, the purchase menu settings to CSGO increased depth, This setting makes its competitors far behind. See our arsenal.

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