I’m sure we’ve all bought at some point, only for a teammate to immediately shout ‘ECO’. That awkward moment as your character spews dozens of tell-tale buy sounds, attracting the judgemental gaze of your teammates as they realise what you’ve done. It’s embarrassing! No one wants to be that guy. That’s why the term ‘buytime’ is a bit misleading. It’s intended as a time of discussion and THEN for buying stuff. It’s not just a time to look at your financial situation, but of that of your teammates. Just because it’s your money to spend, it doesn’t mean it’s just for you! It should be seen as part of your team’s economy. To see who might need a drop, or who could be dropping for others, even if it’s just a pistol for a tight eco round.

What your team decides to do with their money should influence what you do with yours. Many of you already know this, but for the rest of you -and I know you’re around, even at higher ranks- stop seeing it as your buy time, and instead as a team-exercise. Buytime should be a place of intense negotiation. To shout potential strategies and for teammates to shoot them down. This isn’t casual! Try to speak with your team and if they’re the sorts who don’t speak a language you understand, instead read their actions and respond accordingly. It only takes one person to have less-than-average money to ruin a buy-round. Instead of an AWP, my money might be better spent getting 2 AK’s and helping out a poor teammate. And buying immediately with little regard for your teammates means you don’t have the choice to do this. And it can ruin rounds. So please don’t do it. With time, you’ll get pretty good at reading the financial state of your team and whether you should buy or save.

But I still try to wait until the last second before buying my stuff, just in case. Plus you can master the art of buying stuff while running after the round has started, extending the time you have to buy stuff just that little bit further without delaying your team. Want to speed buying things up even more? Get a buy-bind, which lets you buy stuff with a simple press of a keyboard button. Simply put the one in the description of this video in your csgo/cfg folder. Next, right-click on CSGO in Steam, Properties, Set Launch Options and add ‘+exec autoexec’ for it to automatically add these binds every time you play. And no, it won’t get you VAC-banned. Already got an autoexec file, or want to have your own custom buybinds? Visit a site like this one and choose which keys should do what. Select this text and paste it in the autoexec file for it to take effect. I personally keep armour and weapons on separate keys for flexibility, but everybody’s different and it will take time and experience to find the combination that’s best for you.

So in short, watch your teammates, buy last second and be a great team-player… but inevitably, disasters will still happen. Like this one!.

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