Throwing fire Hey guys, It’s ShaRp from Frostbite here, coming at you with a new series for Counter Strike Global Offensive. With the new ESEA season starting soon, I wanted to make a guide for new in-game leaders looking to advance in the league. These strats are designed for a 5v5 team environment and I don’t recommend using them in pick up games since many of them are difficult to coordinate with random teammates.This is gonna be a map-to-map series and for the very first episode, we are gonna be starting on Mirage. Now, before we even go over any strats, we will need to have a config meant for practicing on an empty server. You can create your own config or you can download one online.

Here is the config that I personally use and I will include the link to download it in the description. Installing the config is super easy, once you have the file downloaded, you simply need to extract it with a program such as Winrar or 7-Zip. You then take the CFG file and put it in your counter strike CFG file, which is located in your game files for CS. Once you place it in, you are done. To activate this the CFG all you have to do is open your in-game console and type the command “exec praccfg” or whatever the name of the cfg is.

Now that you have the config, we can get into the strats. OK. The very first thing any igl will want to go over with the theme is the map default the default will be where you send your teammates to “work” that area of the map. You will want your team to hold wait for pushes, bait out utility from the enemy and gain valuable information that you (the igl) can use to make a decision for later in the round. This typically means spreading out across the map. On Mirage, the places I recommend sending players for the default are Palace, A-Ramp, Middle, Underpass and B-Apartments. I’m now gonna go over some useful angles and tips for each section starting with the palace player starting with the Palace player. When you get up to palace, you will want to once you get near the stairs. Next thing you want to do is immediately prepare for an enemy to walk or run up to you.

Obviously, this depends on so many different factors such as the enemy’s economy, the score of the match, the enemies playing style, etc. but you should always be prepared so that it does not catch you off-guard. You will usually be able to hear the ladder or if you hear a landing sound which is the sound of the CT jumping onto the scaffolding something to keep in mind of is that crafty CTs’ will often get their teammates to shoot their guns to match the sound of the teammate jumping onto Palace so if you hear unusual gunshots watch out for a push there are a couple places where you can hold once you are inside Palace some of my favorite places are near the back of this pillar or is this corner here as as many enemies will be wide peeking and simply glance over it therefore giving you an advantage in the gunfight another excellent spot is to stand on top of this cushion for two major reasons one is because you will be at an elevated position and if the enemy attempts to clear out palace his crosshair will be at the typical a head level which is not where your head will actually be located due to the sofa now the second reason you want to play the spot is because you are farther away from the wall in CS you always want to be farther away from the wall or corners and your enemy because it gives you more vision in this case for example you will get to see the enemy shoulder or feet a tiny bit faster than he will see you which is which will give you advantage in this fight a trap that In game leaders often fall for is to default without purpose as I said earlier you need to have a purpose with your defaults or you simply waste a minute from the clock for no reason with this stated the palace player needs to be limited in suppression otherwise he’ll just get himself killed early you can now simply just peek out the stairs because a player in jungle or snipers missile either would kill you an incredibly useful flash can be seen here you simply head near the sofa line up with this pillar wall with the wall in the back you will then aim your crosshair near this faint line and you will do a short running throw this will perfectly blind anyone in the jungle stairs or sniper nest area it will not blind a player playing in Sandwich however so be wary of that another great thing about this flash is that it will not blind any of your teammates coming from a main which is super useful for any A executes, one more useful made that can be thrown into Molotov down Palace if you follow this line up you’ll be able to throw it even when you’re smoked out of balance a scenario that happens quite often when CTS hear you up in palace now to throw this Molotov and you line yourself up with this tile on the wall you can tell that you are on the right tile by lining up your mouse with this left flying on the wall after that you line up with the cross your crosshair with the bottom right area of this pot and then move yourself into the corner on the left you need to make sure not to move your crosshair while you are moving otherwise you will have you won’t have it lined up now once you are in position you simply left-click and the Molotov will land below the scaffolding and burn any unsuspecting counter sharers in conclusion you thee IGL should always send your most passive players to this location as it doesn’t allow for much aggression to get a pick compared to all the other spots on the map it can also be a decent place to send an awper around to get a pick on the A players and open up the round but this should not be a place you always in draw for every single round just something to mix it up with.

Now that we are done with palace the next place to discuss this A ramp I said earlier to send your most passive players to palace a ramp is the exact opposite you’re given so many different angles to work with then you have different ways to Work area or get a pick or simply just bait out CT utility ct’s so often smoke or moly off a ramp right off the bat so one smoker Molly is already gone you can also sometimes get a second smoke remotely out of the a player’s by simply flashing over one this is not always true but it sometimes comes for players to panic and toss their utility away when you first approach from A ramp you’ll need to be careful for an awper by bench or anywhere near jungle if they smoke it off you should always play passive and back off give yourself enough room to breathe in case they decide to pop flash through the smoke and try and catch you once the smoke dissipates you should flash over ramp and then jiggle peek the shit out of everything I would still avoid peeking CT spawn or anything past triple unless you decide to smoke it off or have an awp of your own as you will be at a significant disadvantage otherwise besides that a ramp is pretty simple for the most part and is mostly dependent on you winning your aim battles or getting timing with your flash as well so that they will fully blind your enemy the next part to discuss is middle since we are still talking about defaulting you’ll most likely only send one player to middle there are two approaches that you can take to holding it since you are by yourself and both of them can be done with a rifle or awp however an awp is preferable the first one is that you hold back and play passively wait for a push there’s a couple places that you can play when you’re doing this method so you can play by the entrance to b Apartments on the upper wall you can hug the wall by this corner here or you can play super passively in here which is a great angle if you think that they will have a heavy push mid the second option to playing middle is so far more entertaining and although riskier can net you and your team better results this is a play a lot further up the middle it is much easier to do this with an offense you cannot do much with a rifle or with the long distances if you are going to do this option you smoke off catwalk so you can cross freely to the back boxes this smoke is quite simple to do and can be done right at the start of the round you don’t even need to be the one to throw it at the back of T spawn there’s garbage bin that you can stand on once you hop on to it you line up with the wires on the roof like this and the smoke a land about halfway on to cat walk this is just enough for you to bypass sniper’s nest without them having a view of you the only flaw with is is that if they decide to peek from connector they will serve a good view of your crossing meaning that you should still flash before you cross they can also have jumped out of sniper’s nest and pushed up middle with a rifle so be careful of that as well once you get the middle you have three different locations where they can peek you allowing you to get picks from these locations a different way to take mid that I personally prefer is to toss to the same smoke at the start but lined up like this instead this way it’ll leave a bit of a gap on catwalk that will expose you there but not to connectors or snipers the angle that is exposed to catwalk is almost never played and even if you are worried it can easily be jiggle peaked your flash before crossing to ease your mind I like this angle because it allows you to sometimes get a jump on the players in sniper’s nest or connector by sneaking up to the right side of the smoke you can do this probably once or twice a game and if the enemy is still standing there basically Nets a free kill one more important thing to remember is that if you ever see of smoke in snipers nest that was not thrown by your team there’s a 99% chance that it was a one way thrown by the CTs’ gimmicks like these are not too difficult to avoid and if you ever see one just spam the right side of sniper’s nest as that’s where most of the one-way is allow the CTs’ to see from I’ll return to talk more of a middle later but for now in a default that should be enough information to keep you from getting killed right away in tandem with middle is on your path I will often send a pleasure to watch to make sure that no CTs’ jump out of snipers and rush underpass there is more that this player can do however then just wait for a push as you can make the mid players drop far easier by helping to clear parts of it with them if you have a mid player watching sniper’s nest and occasionally catwalk you can get the underpass player to slowly push up the middle player can flush out middle like this and fully blind any other connector players after the splash to the underpass player can push up with his back to Cat walk and peek into connector while the mid players still watch the sniper’s nest after this you basically have full control of middle and can employ this into many different strats for later in the round the final spot that a player can play in the default is via apartment this is another great spot to occasionally send your awper as the long-range force well to peak fan bench insight from if there is an offer playing on van is not too difficult to contest them even if you have a rifle one good flash is enough to take the position from there are a couple ways to throw flashes that will fully blind them one of them is to throw above the apartments by the entrance the important thing about this one is to aim towards the left so that it will hit the player by van another way to flash is to head into kitchen and bounce the flash off the right wall if you get to be a late make sure to Molly off the right side of the exit as it is a common position to play once you are sure that van is clear you can fold the push up and start looking for a pickup be the depts is a really well-designed part of the map that allows you to slowly and methodically clear up an angle one by one you need to be careful however to not push too deep into the apartments by yourself as you can find yourself to become an easy target for a CT somewhere on catwalk or site if you step into the wrong place that is all the spots covered in depth for your default it’s important to remember that although defaults are great episode of the round you still need to have a plan in mind by the end of it this is not always being going to the site where you got to pick from sometimes it’s best to get a pic and simply wait as looking forces the CTS to change up their location making some parts of the map weaker what you decide to do is entirely dependent on the game or situation now that we are done talking about the default let’s go over some executes the first one is the classic triple smoke a take when doing this strategy you send two players into Palace and three form a beam this is a great start to do when you can’t afford enough and struggling to take middle with that one start by teaching you all the smokes in case you don’t know them already the first smoke in the strat is the stairs smoke you simply stand here and aim here simple left click throw the second book is for jungle it’s a bit trickier to land but to get it down you need to make your way over here a name here simple left click throw again last smoke is for CT spawn it’s also the tricky but not impossible all you have to do is walk over to this thing here line yourself up to the right side look at the top left area of this brick in the wall and jump through the smoke will land in CT spawn and blockading CT offer from getting a good shot on you but be careful as we can still technically jump onto ticket booth and see but if he does you have a really good shot on him now that we know how the tops of smokes let’s go over who does what in distress so let’s start with the three I main players I’m going to number all of the players so that it’s easier to keep track so player one will head up to the jungle smokes pot and just watch a main since the smoke is easy to line up you’ll watch for any a main pushes but stay near his spots so that he can also talk some smoke easy once he tosses the smoke he will toss out two flashes and cert to be our entry Fragger he then goes out once the AGL says still which is basically one the second flash pops and heads out to take the sight player number two will be our stairs player he has the easiest job she will talk to smoke in unison with player one and three and we’ll head right behind both of these players so that he can plant the bomb and trade any frags on the site players three will be the one talking to the CT spawn smoke he will also moly under Palace being the second man into the site from aiming the molly is quite simple as you just have to aim in the general direction of the a sign and it will bounce off burning anyone under there there is room for change however as one of the palace players can volley at him said using that molly lineups I showed you earlier this should only be done if Palace of smoked off and if this is the case you should wait for the palace smoke to disappear the Molly will be ready to be thrown from palace but at the same time as the smokes for maybe this police player number four and number five in pounds plate number four we’ll talk to Molly others house if required as I said earlier otherwise he will save as Molly for the x-plane player four will also be ready to double flush from the spot I mentioned earlier in Palace by lining with the two bolts he will toss the flashes at the same time as the two flashes from aiming this should cover the majority of the a sights as most spots will be flash player number four and five will then hop out a palace safely since jungle and stairs will be smoked off and take the site along with their bodies from a main once again you do not have to follow this completely as places such as triple should still be Molly but you don’t need to designate a single person’s for that as long as the majority of players still keep their guns out this is a triple smoke a start a classic I can get you a lot of rounds especially if the enemy is oblivious on how to stop it I’ve already showed you how to take middle effectively in the default but if you’re having trouble I recommend sending an extra player to help lock it down firstly I don’t recommend smoking off sniper’s nest immediately instead do the smoke I showed you earlier for catwalk as it gives your offer more opportunity to get your team out pick a good way to help is to send your second rifle or along with a mid and have them jiggle peek along the box or even send them over to chair this will keep the operand sniper’s nest distracted allowing your own offer to get him to mix up your angles you can stand on the two edges of the back box then it gives you a surprise location to help increase your chances of defeating the enemy if your operat gets picked off by a player in sniper’s nest you don’t even need to throw smoke to flush them out a Molotov is good enough and a consistent way to throw it it’s like this you line up with this line look here and running throw it you need to expect two enemy mid player to possibly plane connector especially if they can’t afford not here is a useful connection smoke that you can throw all the way from t spawn you here you head to this corner look here and jump through the best thing about the smoke is that it blocks off the top part of connector as well so they won’t be able to see over if you co can it is great for allowing your underpants player to cross into middle safely you can also freehand this throw if you get when you get near middle if you want taken middle is essential for many strategies and you need to make sure that you and your team have a consistent way to take it all right next up is the B take this cake can be tailors here’s choosing but I personally like to use two smokes two Molotov and a lot of flashes this be cake involves you sending player one to underpass to watch for push he will then be the last man onto the site once the execute starts player two will be tossing a smoke to block off one side of the catwalk you can toss this by heading over to here lining it up like this and throwing he will also Molotov the right side of the apartments exit once you start pushing in player three will also be throwing a smoke in tamale this smoke can be lined up like this normal left click throw the smoke is not necessary but it is good insurance to make sure the rest of the site can be cleared without having to worry too much about catwalk the player will also taught some Molly down pant to clear out any pesky CTS hiding there player four will be your entry fire and will always have is going to his only job is to find out where the enemy players are and to take them out obviously Clara five will be the second man in and will flash him out at the start and then push into sight with them making sure to trade any frags adding this I recommend thingand player two I recommend setting fire to down this window here to make sure no one is lurking underneath it this be take can work really well if you are stuck with a shitty buy and can’t afford much it also works fine as an eco start if you just skip the molotov since you will be low on money anyways I’m briefly going to talk about how you can use middle effectively to split sites first I’m going to show you a good a split this involves sending three players to middle to 2a as I start of the round player one will go to Palace this player will do the standard procedure for a typical Palace P fault but will then return back to a mean once the execute is ready to begin people then smoke off CT spawn one toll to player two will be holding a mean and will make sure not to get too aggressive when the mid players are ready he will throw a smoke to smoke off jungle but will still give visibility for the mid players going connector to toss the smoke you go here look here and do a very short run throw it will block the view of players in sniper’s nest in jungle area but it will allow your connector players to push out onto a before any of this happens however the three middle layers need to secure mid first player three will have an OP and will smoke off catwalk from T spawn at the start of the round so he can cross it to the back boxes he will then hold angles and look first pick player four will be going with player three to support and flush room etc now when the push is ready to begin and mid is in control the terrace player four will smoke off catwalk so that they can cross on some site safely you’ll also keep an eye on it when they are in connector or main in connector for the after plan for her every not least player five to go from V apartment you will watch the apps for about five or six seconds to make sure nobody has pushed after this he will head to underpass and help out a team mates mid prayer for can flash from your connector to help blind any players there so that player 5 can cross through peak safely player 5 will also head connector to help take a once the push is ready to begin he will keep the majority of it means for the after plant to refocus eg for example or Molly alone to buy time flash players that are retaking etc this is a really effective strategy but takes good coordination from your team so make sure to dry run it several times in an empty server before trying this in any of your matches taking B can often prove to be troublesome without some additional help from players on catwalk the b.split follows the same formula as the a split three players will go from v apartment and two will come from middle on to catalog it will start just the same as the last RAL with the three players taking middle the only difference being that instead of a player playing Palace you will have them playing the apartments instead in order to try and gain information on the site or to bait out nades from the CTs so to recap one a Main 2 middle 1 underpass and one b APS be careful however as if you do this often tt might start pushing people into pallets early on in the round to find information and if they notice that you always go be when Palace is empty they will just start to stack the site it is very dependent on the team that you play against but just keep it in the back of your mind for now after middle I’m taking the underpass player player number one will head back to the apartment and be it up with the other be a player player number two the a main player player number three will also start heading to the apps from T spawn this will be player number four and five to remain mill in preparation for the split player number one will be the entry Fragger and thus will not throw any needs player number two will toss the second catwalk smoke from the previous be strapped to protect your cat players from where’s that bench this smoke is optional of course but I do recommend it as it allows your teammates close the distance between themselves and the bomb site a bit more safely player three will still continue to Molly the right side of the B app exit player 2 will Molly the back of an as well as flash out while this is happening I was player four or five will smoke off connector whoever still has their smoke after one of them tosses their own onto catwalk from the start of the round the player I met who is not smoking connector will double flash cow walk towards our teammate to peek after this they both take the site from catwalk as their teammates come from the apps this is a be split pretty simple in theory but a lot trickier to pull off in game last thing I’m going to talk about in this video is the pistol round this one round can make the difference between a loss and a win typically a good tee side pistol shot involves closing the distance between you and the CTS with your USP essence the best way to do this is with the smoke in two flashes meaning that one of you will have to not buy armor for the round okay so now I’m going to show you two clips from the recent pgl major they’re both on a pistol route and they both have a lot of similarities between them the first one is a match between north and Penta while the second is between flip side and fnatic both teams can fall back two times I should say two teams that seems I know I just get especially config and it started firing first takes time and time again we’ll get into the northeast around our brief smokes this be quite a technical one they used to just do two and focus on CT spawn interesting with our third so it goes where we go so we’ll see these born always except sensor jungle sign have gone big explosive play I think and gotten that early kill from the man advantage despite cajon’s probable Embassy’s blood out to his crystal though he’s on for HP they’re going to back off immediately as conflict follows up Tom planted all three players Lex is going to rotate in from CT steps and into the grave stepping over their mark because immediately content very interesting to see how he does here at the actual major tournaments where we’re at fnatic was flipside we’re on the rise second game of the pgl major on it to get this on the way here which side will be on the T side to start off with in they’re not wasting our time at all now they’re right in the action Marshall of opening up in fact in electronic from behind with a headshot on flusher and the bomb is going to be planted for the open this is such a great position it’s great after that position ear full flip side and just power boost in the corner oh I wish I wish somebody was going to come through the murder hole tourjournal that would be so sick they give up on it eventually when they hear the footsteps through CT now they know and they can set up the flank themselves flip side going to be so difficult here for JW to take point and well sure enough wait Leonard’s gonna find a headshot on him off Meister looking at Rand Paul Kali but it’s not going to happen and just a flawless pistol round here for flip side very aggressive right out the both north and flip sides are known to be very tactical team with the excellent strategy which is why i’m not surprised that they both decided to do this a take they both decide to toss some smokes onto the a site and after that the most important thing is they don’t just sit dormant on the site they decide to get aggressive by pushing on to jungle and taking some more map control thanks to this they are able to get some excellent after plank position and basically have the round one the second they planted the bomb whether you decide to go with flip sides approach of just one smoke to ball connector or if you want to dedicate more into it with all three smokes just like north it’s up to you I recommend trying out both in scrim and seeing which one you like more anyways that’s all for the guide make sure to stay tuned to this channel as I plan on releasing more of these guides for other maps and for the CT side in the future if you guys enjoy the video please consider leaving a like and comment on what map you want to see next you can also find our social media links down in the description anyways thanks for watching peace

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