Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. This video is for Wingman, the gamemode where you play 2v2 with either a friend OR with a random person by waiting for someone, and with a bit of luck a global elite player might jo… These 5 tips are very basic but good to know and since I’ve already made a video like this for Guardian Missions I feel like I should make one for each game mode. Even though Wingman is almost over for this week you will still be able to play it in the following weeks to come. First tip, if you’re playing on a map where the Terrorist can make it to the site before you, like for example the map Bank you can deny the plant very easily by throwing an incendiary. Remember to shoot whatever is in the way like glass for example so it breaks and so you can throw it better.

Secont tip has to do with the previous tip and it’s for the terrorist, since you’re playing on smaller maps but you’re still getting 90 second round times, planting the bomb should not be a priority. If there’s more than 30 seconds left of the round, always try to focus on killing the enemies first. I’ve noticed that people plant the bomb early which makes them vulnerable to attacks very easily. And some of the bombsites on these maps are open to many different angles so you will only make it harder for yourself. Third tip is about boosting each other. In this game mode you can actually take advantage of the fact that you’re solid and do stuff like this. Or like this. It’s very unexpected. Because Valve likes to remove solid players from their game modes which means that you can go through each other, but not on Wingman.

Fourth tip, if you’re playing as a CT on one of the more open maps like Safehouse or Lake, it’s always good to have one player inside who’s just lurking, and another player outside who’s scouting and scanning the outside of the map. What I would really recommend is have the player inside go up to the highest floor to give better info while having the higher ground and have the player outside play more safe while still checking the lower ground. This will give you lot’s of control and it’s very balanced and effective. Fifth and last tip, some of these maps have too many angles which means you can’t really rely on them. It’s therefor more important to outplay your enemies by for example flanking them and reading their movements.

Safehouse and Lake are two maps that are great examples, these two maps are very hard to play normal Counter-Strike on. So try to rely less on angles, instead, try to read your opponents. So these are my 5 tips, I’ll see you guys in the next video, go bananas!.

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