The most popular questions I get are usually related to how I can become a better player. And the ranks used in matchmaking are very often used to describe what skill you are. So I’m gonna give you 5 tips. These are basic tips but they will help you and if you apply them when you’re playing, you will definitely rank up. I’m not gonna explain how to shoot a gun or how to control your aim.

I’m just gonna point out several things that I think are valuable to learn and understand. I noticed how a lot of players tend to loose control because they are not focused. Keep in mind that when most professional players need to focus, they are usually very composed. So my first tip will be: DON’T GET MAD Keep yourself calm and focus on the game. Here’s a question to test you and see if you understand what I mean. You have only two options. If one guy is screaming at you for failing to defuse the bomb, what do you do? You keep yourself calm and focused and say “Sorry.”. OR You scream back at him and get angry. Yup. This is the best thing you can do. Good use of grenades will almost certainly help you win the game. Make sure you buy grenades almost every round. The order of the grenades should always be: smoke first, then flash, then the other grenades. Since smokes in the game control the space, they’re the most important ones to use. Learn a couple of good smokes on every map to open up new possibilities or strategies. This will definitely help you rank up.

Make sure you know everything there is to know about the map. Before playing it on a competitive level. Why? Because when you know the map you’ll know where to look for enemies, where usual capping spots or hideouts are located, where you can jump and crouch without being seen where you can boost another player and where you can start hearing enemy footsteps. These are just a couple of examples but I hope you get the point. Knowing every part of the map is crucial for advancing in the ranks. If you start a game on e.g. overpass and you had no understanding of the map, do you think that is going to be easy? Here’s the series we made for the meeting points on most official maps.

These are basic videos but they are very useful to watch. You’re welcome to check these out. The most important part of your teamwork is to communicate. Even if you’re playing with randoms, the key is to communicate. The most useful way of communicating is to alert other players about openings and spotted enemies. Let’s listen to NiP from old match back in 2013. Even if you’re not Swedish, it’s very interesting to just hear how they are communicating with each other. As you probably can hear, they’re having fun, they’re exchanging info all the time, and it’s going really fast and they are listening to each other and trusting each other. Learn from this and your teamwork will be a lot better and it will help you rank up a lot easier. Spending money and having no clue of how much you can spend is one of the big reasons why you’re probably stuck on lower ranks. Learn the basics of economy and you will last longer in the match. But for experienced players with better ranks you know what else is really important to know? The enemy team’s economy.

Yup. That’s right. Knowing when the enemy has to eco or full buy, just knowing this, can be game changing. Let’s say the enemy team is low on cash, so they decide to rush up middle. If you’re aware of their economy, you will be mentally prepared for a strategy against their eco round. And it’ll be a lot easier to adapt to your enemies.

It’s not only important to know your own economy but enemies’ economy as well. I hope you’ll learn from this and that it helps to become a better overall player. I hope you enjoyed the video and have an awesome day guys!.

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