Hey guys, this video will be showing you our top 5 tips when using the AWP Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait , not the AWP. I’m just going to call it AVP, deal with it. And how to become better with the AVP My first tip is this Do you get it? Just because you’re able to double zoom with the Avp Doesn’t mean you should double zoom all the time double zooming is only good when you want to peek someone from far distances and when you need to react fast The biggest problem with double zoom is the fact that it removes a big part of the view You are more vulnerable to attacks that way And it also takes more time to double zoom every time you need to switch back to AVP and shoot someone so to summarize, when you are scoping with the AVP, using the regular zoom is a lot more effective in most situations Having an AVP means to be patient and wait to the last moment.

Let’s say you’re holding long, and then someone is screaming “Aah, two guys B”. So now you’re rotating back and then you get killed by someone coming long… And then you give entry long because you fail to hold you see when you have an AVP It’s important to stay firm and wait at the angle you have since you always want pre scope advantage. Oh And just because you have an AVP doesn’t mean you should go lone wolf or solo and stop listening to your team No help the team, but only if they’re certain of where the enemy is. Make sure you tell everyone when you are buying an AVP this resolves confusions and can actually make you win the round. Having one or two AVPs in your team is okay in most situations, But on most maps. It’s actually more balanced to have one AVP in your team. That’s it Know the spots. This is so important because it allows you to win most fights by a millisecond of a difference… Let’s say you have a good spawn for long rush. Knowing where to aim Beforehand with the AVP is brilliant, since it allows you to pick off enemies easier And you only need one clean shot to kill if you don’t know how to aim before the enemy arrives, then you have a higher chance of missing your opportunity to kill the enemy and miss the entry frag.

So if you combine the use of the AVP with the understanding of the map, the layout, and the spots it will definitely help you become more effective with the AVP When you do scopeless or weapon switches for middle range combat, wait for the AVP animation to completely reset. Most players tend to shoot as soon as the weapon is ready to shoot But that’s not always the best thing to do. The accuracy isn’t 100% If you wait just a half second longer, the weapon accuracy will be perfect. This is important for middle range combats. When it’s close range however, you should always try to get scopeless frags, since they’re more likely to kill the enemy than having to zoom in before you shoot. If you want to practice this effectively, play a lot of deathmatch against real players, on a server with only AVP allowed. Always try new ways and routes to get frags, and you will soon become a better player with the AVP. That was it for this video. Have an awesome day guys..

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