Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. Now this video took a while to make cause I had to find all these smokes myself but I came up with 8 that I think most of you will find useful. Yes I decided to feature only 8, not 10 as you might expect, and that’s because I don’t wanna show you guys more smokes that what is really needed for the video. Sideways is when you throw a smoke like this, and the ones I’m going to show you are all 128 tick jump-throws, which means that if you want to do these on matchmaking you have to aim a bit higher. The first smoke I wanna show you is a remake of Flusha’s sideway smoke for Window. Just find the crack, run, and jump-throw right after you pass the leaves. Easy to do, and it leaves no gaps. Next smoke isn’t as useful as the previous one but it’s really fancy, and I just can’t ignore it. In this corner, aim here.

Run sideways, then walk slowly, and release before the dot. This will smoke a-main from CT spawn, which is pretty cool to say and it allows you to focus on middle if needed, or if you’re the B player and the A players don’t have a smoke. It doesn’t go deep but it still does the job. Next smoke is for the A rush. There are many different ways of doing this but this video is focused on sideway smokes, so here’s a really cool one.

In this corner, aim above the left fabric, walk sideways and jump-throw when you hit the middle section. Do this fast and your smoke will land before you hit the site. Here’s two really easy smokes on Overpass, aim here, run sideways until your crosshair matches with the sky and ceiling, and here’s your first smoke, keep going until it matches once again, and here’s your second smoke. First one lands deep inside long-bathrooms and second one lands in front of the entrance. I would still count these as sideway smokes even though you stand still when you jump-throw them, but they’re super useful. Next two are also really useful and can be thrown from the same location. In this corner, aim at the bar on the far right, run sideways and release when you approach the next bar. Now if you aim at the second bar instead, and release when you approach the third bar, the smoke will land inside boiler. These two are useful in-case your teammates on A need help re-smoking.

The last smoke for this video is a remake of another one I featured for no skybox Mirage but I prefer this version much more. Aim a above this antenna, run sideways and jump-throw near this corner of the building. This will smoke top-mid entrance, one or two terrorist might be able to pass the smoke before it pops, but it can still be really useful for mid-control plays, and I can see it being used for eco rounds. If you liked what I had, and you want to support my work, share the video with other people who might like it as well. Also, you can use these on ECL, because the servers have 128 tick. As you probably know ECL is an exclusive matchmaking service, where I go to play competitive games with you guys, link is the video description. Anyway, that was the video. I’ll see you guys in the next one, and go bananas. .

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