Hello, everyone! I’m Na`Vi player – S1mple and today I will tell you how to play with AWP, how to practice it, and how to use it in matchmaking, in FLP (FACEIT Pro League) and so on… So, first I’ll tell you how to practice: you create a map with bots and then you decide what to practice. It can be flick shot, it can be fast zoom, and no scope. I personally use flick shot, because it’s most effective for me, I can shoot an opponent quickly and win a round for my team. Also you can practice no-scope, it means shooting without zoom, and you can practice fast zoom – clicking you right button, and then immediately left mouse button.

After that you can practice your movements, it’s cool when the sniper is active, moves across the map, makes frags and helps his team a lot. A good example can be Dust 2 map, you shoot at Mid, move towards Long, trying to kill Pit, or when you a boosted towards Short, you shoot at Mid, drop to CT, go to Mid again, trying to shoot at T and Mid behind the box. After that you can move to B, it’s very hard to predict your actions this way. There are passive AWPers, who wait for the frags at the Car, but I prefer active style. Next… the economy is crucial for the sniper, I mean you must predict the money for your AWP. You can buy AWP with armor, you save money, if your team loses you can save money for the AWP and win eco round.

Or you can buy the AWP for T side and break CT economy. Sniper is the key player of the team. He can be an entry fragger. For example, if you’re playing on Dust2 and you have a good spawn, you can kill the enemy at Long. But if the sniper doesn’t manage to get a kill, misses a shot and eventually dies, it puts your team in a bad spot. Because the team spends a lot of money to make sure the sniper has an AWP, if he doesn’t have enough money to buy one, someone will give him a drop. And if the sniper doesn’t do his job, your team’s economy may suffer. You can get an entry frag, but you should always remember if you missed a shot or you chose a bad angle, you will get naded or killed and put your team at a disadvantage.

It’s also very effective to wallbang with an AWP, you can do it on many maps. On such maps as Cache, you can watch my demos and see how to wallbang through “7” on the offense. “7” is the white box on the right when you come out of T mid. You can wallbang an enemy who’s playing behind it. It’s easy to get it done with an AWP, because you deal maximum damage if hit in the head and 50 damage on the body. It doesn’t reveal your position and allows you to get an easy kill and advantage for your team. But it’s not really a common spot to wallbang. On Dust2 it’s easier though, you can wallbang through mid doors right from T spawn.

If you hit the head, you get a kill, and even if you deal at least 50 damage it will always be beneficial for your team. You can tell your teammates to do a fast B rush with AKs, they’ll have an advantage as they have to deal with a 50 HP CT with M4. You can easily use this to your advantage. On almost every map you can go for a random shot through the wall knowing that there’s an enemy behind it.

That’s it. Thanks everyone for watching this video. My name is S1mple from Na`Vi. Leave your comments telling us how you play with AWP. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. Subscribe to this channel, thanks to everyone, bye!.

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