Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. Yes, inb4 I’m very late with this video, but the reason why I didn’t upload anything about it before is because I wasn’t sure if Valve were gonna do something about it. You know like, pack the files inside the VPK’s to make it harder for us to tweak stuff. But the custom font still seems to work fine, and the same thing as you can obviously see for the background.

So, how do you change the nuke background? Inside the csgo folder, open panorama and then videos. Here you will find nuke, nuke540p and nuke720p, they are so called webm files and they control the video you see in the background. All you have to do is replace them with other webm files, and give them the same names. After that you should notice the changes in-game. The ones you see here are actually my own, I created a backup folder and put the default files here.

Now you’re probably wondering, are there any finished presets that I can use right now if I just wanna grab something to change it to something else? A guy named Nanobyte has created a neat website so you can try out different map background images. Just choose a map, click download, choose a version and do the steps that I mentioned. I’ll link the site in the video description. Another site you could use is gfycat.com where you can find lots of animated stuff which are saved with the webm format, so they will work as well. Next question, how do you convert images or video files to webm? There are many different services that you can use, but the one I like is called video online convert.

I’ll put it down below. In the list, choose “Convert to WEBM”. Here you need to select your media file, it can be a picture or a video. VP8 is the default codec however VP9 looks much better so I would recommend that, unless you want the size to be smaller. Wait for it to complete itself and now you are ready to put it in the game. Final question, how do you make a CSGO map background from scratch? First you record some footage, you can use cl_drawhud 0 and r_drawothermodels 0.

Next you put your footage inside a video editor, I like to use Vegas. Don’t change the lighting too much because the player model is very bright this is also why I recommend not using a dark map as background cause it’s going to look a bit weird. You can also try to blur your footage if you want, I decided not to. Now if you are like me, but this is not necessary you can make sure the rendered footage loops nicely.

I don’t like seeing sudden changes from when the video starts over so I made sure that this footage wouldn’t have that issue. In my render settings, I chose 10 Mbps bitrate but you can definitely go much lower than that, especially if there’s not a lot of movement in your footage, and I also use 30 FPS cause that’s what the original files were using. All right that pretty much covers the entire subject. I hope this video was helpful and easy to understand. Also, for a bit of ECL news, after some hard work from developers and staff, we managed to release our brand new report feature.

This will make things much easier for you of course, but also for the admins, since it gives us more control. And you probably know already, but that’s where I play all my competitive games. It’s really cool to meet so many of you guys there and because of that, it’s been the best matchmaking experience I’ve ever had. If you are not part of ECL, there’s a link down below if you wish to know more. Anyway, that was the video, I’ll see you guys in the next one, and go bananas. .

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