-GB There are a few settings you can choose from in the options menu of CSGO, but there’s a more flexible alternative. Load up this site, linked to in the description of this video, and customise your crosshair to your heart’s content. There are obviously BAD choices, like this one here, but for the most-part it’s down to personal preference and what you find comfortable to use. For example, I would argue that not having a dot would help since you can then see what you’re aiming at, but at the same time I don’t like playing without one.

I also personally wouldn’t bother with dynamic sizing as I find it more misleading and approximate than it is helpful. It may be worthwhile using for newer players as a warning about when the gun won’t fire accurately, but that’s about it. Once you’ve chosen your settings, copy the text from here and paste it into the console in-game. You need to ensure that the console is enabled in the game options first or you won’t be able to open it by pressing the button under ESCAPE on your keyboard. If this works for you then you can stop watching this video now. However, if it doesn’t keep certain settings, like the thickness of your crosshair, continue watching for the other method.

Make a new text file on your desktop and copy+paste the text in the CONFIG box into it. Now, add this line at the end: host_writeconfig. Once done, go up to File, Save as… and type autoexec.cfg . Before clicking save, set the file type to ‘all files’. Now, move the new autoexec file into the cfg folder for CSGO. You can find its location shown on-screen. Finally, right-click on CSGO in steam, choose properties, set launch options and type what I have done here. Your crosshair should now automatically load in-game!.

As found on Youtube