Crouching in CS:GO gets a lot of criticism and you can indeed identify low skilled players by their crouching habit. But what exactly are the differences between crouching and walking? First of all I looked at the movement speed. When walking you can move at 130 units per second, or slower if you’re holding a weapon. Crouching moves you at 85 units per second, or about 2/3 the speed of walking. In this regard, walking is definitely superior. Both are silent which makes them great for approaching an enemy-controlled area without them being alerted. Obviously walking and crouching aren’t going to win any medals for speed, but when it comes to peaking corners it’s a different story and that’s when acceleration and deceleration come in to play. You can see the figures here. For acceleration, it’s fastest to reach maximum velocity when running, closely followed by walking, with crouching coming last by a large margin. For deceleration, running takes the longest and crouching takes the least time. In theory, based off these numbers, you should run around a corner before switching to crouch to stop, take the shot and then run off again.

In practice, however, it doesn’t really work like that and you’ll find that focusing on your aim or using one movement style throughout will probably be more beneficial. I’m very wary of advising you on which movement style to use for peaking since it depends on a number of factors, including your position in the level, whether the enemies are aware of your presence, the range of the fight, which weapons are being used and so on. In the high level matches that I’ve seen there doesn’t seem to be a particular rule that people follow. I’ve seen walk-peaking and run-peaking. Never crouch peaking though- oh BYALI, you just had to ruin everything didn’t you! I’d say that walking gives you more control over your movement and aim and is a good way of quietly checking each camping spot at a time, whilst running is best for heated battles where you’re playing your shooting reflexes off against your opponent’s.

Don’t forget that you can apparently see the enemies before they can see you if you’re moving quickly due to problems with lag and netcode and stuff. There are some positions where one stance is better than another. In this position, crouching will make you next to invisible but you’re blind and a powerless as a baby should you be spotted. And I think that’s the problem with crouching spots in general- they rely on players not expecting you to be there so that you can get a cheap kill. Perhaps that’s why crouching is considered inferior to other modes, where you’re relying on your reflexes and skill to win the duel. And what about accuracy? I found that standing was just as precise as crouching when spraying. When moving, however, crouching wins. As you can see here it appears to follow the same pattern as when you’re still, whilst when walking the bullets go all over the place.

Of course, the ideal fights would involve single, lethal shots, but as we all know, it doesn’t always turn out that way. That’s not to say that I recommend shooting and moving. Although crouch-shooting is more accurate you’re a sitting duck whilst doing so. You know those pistol duels? The sort where you run out of ammo and have to reload just as they stop moving and become easy to hit? In those fights I’ve seen people momentarily crouch.

You tend to be aiming for head-shots in pistol fights so instead of just having to strafe and time your shots, you also have to aim down occasionally. I wouldn’t over-do the crouching in these situations but it does have a purpose and I’ve seen it done even in higher level games. So there you have it. Walking versus crouching. Walking is better in most situations though crouching does still occasionally have a use. It would be a mistake to unbind your crouch button, especially with all of the crouch jumps in CS:GO and bits of cover that benefit from a lower profile. At the end of the day I’d say that if you play it enough you’ll eventually learn to use the different movement styles available to you and you won’t even have to think about it. Until then… try not to crab-walk down banana. Have fun!.

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