So… If you want a different looking bomb code For example this one ▲ Or perhaps this one ▲ Or even your favorite player names I hope you don’t mind that last part.. But before we jump to the more complicated part I want to note a few things, This trick DOES work with third person AND defusing But you are the ONLY ONE being able to see that meaning this is FULLY client-sided and you WON’T get banned. There are two options The first option is to download a ready code pack and choose one you like, the second option is more advanced and will teach you how to edit the code on your own Go to the video’s description or under the video on steam guides download a code pack the code pack I made wait for the download to finish, open it, Choose one of 11 folders Use the previews to choose one you like Open the font file, Press “install”, Press “Yes”, and you’re done.

And if you’re not happy with it You can always download the back up in the description To edit the code on your own Go to the video’s description and download “Font Forge” When the download is ready, Open the file and install the software This is a pretty short one. Once you press finish, It will open a window and ask you to choose a font file The font you need to open, Is also included in the description Download it And save it somewhere you know Open the font you just downloaded and let it load if it sends you a confirmation message Press yes and go up a bit But before we continue, I want to explain the logic with a visual example Counter strike’s bomb code is 73 7355 7355608 What I want to do, Is to replace the numbers with a word I will use “Kappa” as example Since the letter “P” repeats itself on the third letter Just like “5” on the bomb code Use ctrl+c And Ctrl+V to paste.

To write “Kappa” I will start with “K” and “7” Then “A” and “3” “P” and “5” And than “A” and “6” But since the bomb code is made of 7 letters And Kappa is 5 I will copy an empty space And paste one on “0” And one on “8” To finish the job, Press “Files”, “Generate Fonts”, Give it a name and save it somewhere you’d like It will send you an error notification But simply press “Generate” Now open the font you just created, Press “Install” and then “Yes” And you’re DONE You can now go in-game and enjoy your new bomb code! Here comes and end for my FIRST voiced video I’ve put a crazy effort to make is as simple to watch and fun I could If you want to show appriciation You can SUBSCRIBE and send the video to a few friends Feel free to suggest codes and tell me what you think in the comments Thanks for watching!

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