Hey guys, this is a noob-friendly video and a remake from one of my oldest creations, enjoy. You can do the impossible and more while defusing a bomb, but do you know all the different tricks? Let’s start with the basics, you can crouch and stand while defusing, if you switch in-between it will sometimes make you a harder target. Next, you don’t even need to look at the bomb to defuse. If you hold down your defuse key, you will automatically start to defuse and the distance from the player to the bomb allows you to crouch and aim downwards and even turn around. Now, if you look at the horizontal line and crouch in-front of the bomb you can hold straight up the horizontal line where an enemy might be, the horizontal line is the line that you spawn with. Because of the wires you can’t fake defuse by not looking at the bomb anymore, but here’s some other tricks. If you have a weapon that you can scope with, you can do it while defusing, and maybe fool the enemy to not peek.

This also works with burst mode. Another trick is to drop your weapon when defusing. You can switch to any weapon while defusing, so you could potentially switch to your pistol, drop it and keep defusing. This is very useful in 1v1 situations. Next up, grenades, before you defuse, if you hold down mouse1, you can defuse then throw a grenade. But that’s not all, you can also right-click to underhand throw while defusing. And, what most people don’t know, if you hold right-click, then left-click, and release right-click, you can now throw a grenade normally while defusing. And if you defuse like I showed you before, you can even look away after you flash. This can be very effective with some practice. Fun fact: If you get a defuse-kit while defusing, you will need to re-defuse the bomb to activate the effect. Why? Well CS:GO logic… And while we’re on the same subject, you can reload your weapon, inspect your weapon, and even do both with your knife, which I tend to do because I look cool doing it.

So that’s pretty much it, hope you enjoyed the video, stay awesome & go bananas!.

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