Here’s another practice map by Jesper and this one has a different take on aim training which is pretty awesome and worth checking out. Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. When you subscribe to the map you will be able to find it in the game like this or you could do it my way just search for it using the console command map then type this.

Here’s how the map looks and right off the bat you can play it with the default settings but I’m gonna go through what you can do first. So behind you is your settings where you can choose how to practice, what guns you want or if you want to change to another map Jesper has made. I like what he’s doing here with all the maps, since he’s trying to connect all so if you’re subscribed to all you can easily switch between all. The weapon switching is easy just shoot whatever gun you want to use, but I’m gonna go with the AK.

Now under routines you have some simple presets so you can go ahead and just play. You could also manually control all the settings from here if you want but I’m going to focus on routines for now. Also if you select any of them you’ll notice how it automatically changes the control panels. Just a cool little detail. So let’s say we wanna play Reaction Easy. All you do is jump in the middle and begin, oh wait just this as well, which is really cool.

On the sides you can control how big you want the screen to be. So if you start shooting on each circle you’ll notice how the size changes, it could look like this, or just a single line like this or no lines at all. Making it a square is for your general aim practice, the line allows you to practice only horizontal or vertical aim placement, and no lines will test your reflexes and reaction time. To be able to add this inside a CS:GO map yet alone make something like this, is true dedication (and just a few thousand hours of mapping).

Anyway when you shoot the circle in the middle you’ll start the routine. This is where the practice begins, and you can do it however you want but the point is to shoot the circles as fast as possible without making mistakes. When you’re done you get the results of where your shots landed, which is pretty freaking cool. Oh and I like how the Revolver is just on the floor, cause that’s where it deserves to be, not up here with these beauties, shitty a$$ revolver know your plac-… If you’re new to the game or even if you’re experienced, or even if you’ve moved to another game because you think the game is dying, I still believe this mode right here is so underrated. So jumping on the pad in the middle will give you this screen. You’ll instantly notice that you’re stuck and now you’re panicking because you don’t know how to exit this mode. Oh you do it here. No but seriously this lock is very important and it’s there so you can actually use this green line below to practice recoil for each weapon.

With the default settings it looks like this. So what’s happening is that the greenish is coming up just to show you where on the line you need to aim just to get some of that spray control going on. What you need to do is follow the green with your crosshair and then you’ll eventually master the recoil. Removing this will just remove the crosshair lock so if you shoot in the middle you can see that the screen crosshair is now following the top line. I like to have it on. Here’s your help which is also recommended to keep on, and you have the one feature every CS:GO player desires, aimbot. Put that on and… damn. What makes this map kinda unique is that you’re not killing bots like most other maps. You have much more possibilties here with how you want to practice, and I think Jesper kinda knew this which was why he decided to make it in the first place.

Here’s all the controls that you can play around with as well. So that’s the map, and I highly recommend that you subscribe to it, I’ll link it down below. Now I’ve been busy with two very big projects that I won’t be able to reveal just yet but I’m really excited about them and they’re the reason why I haven’t uploaded much lately. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you’ll be the first to know what I’m hiding. That was the video, I’ll see you guys in the next one, and go bananas!.

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