Hey guys! In this video I’m gonna give you a quick overview about the basics of the ingame economy system. So, I made this spreadsheet to summarize everything. You can find the link in the description of this video. Lets start with the kill rewards. For most weapons and for every grenade you will get 300 dollar. However, there are some exceptions. For killing an enemy with the knife, you will get 1500. With every SMG except the P90 you will get 600. With the P90 itself you only get 300. With every Shotgun you get 900. And with the AWP and the CZ you get 100. With the zeus you don’t get anything, but it’s a nice way to humiliate the enemy. For killing an enemy with every other weapon or grenade you will get 300, as I said before.

For a teamkill you will lose 300 dollar. And for killing yourself you don’t lose anything, but one player of the enemy team will get 300 dollar. Now, let’s talk about the rewards for winning rounds. Let’s start with the CT side. For killing the entire enemy team, or when the time runs and the bomb is planted yet, every CT gets 3250 dollar. For winning the round by defusing the bomb however, every CT gets 3500. The player who defused the bomb, will get an additional 300 dollar. Now let’s talk about the T side. For killing the entire enemy team, everyone on the T side gets 3250. When the bomb explodes, every terrorist gets 3500. Also for planting the bomb, you will get 300 dollar. When you are still alive, and the time runs out, you will not get anything, not even the reward for losing the round.

Now, lets talk a little bit more about the rewards for losing rounds. When you lose the first time you will get 1400 dollar. When you lose the second round in a row, you will get 1900 dollar. That means you get 500 more than for losing the round before. This goes all the way up to losing five or more than five rounds in a row, which will give you 3400 dollar. However, if you win a round your losing streak will stop. That means, if you win one round and then lose one round again, you will start back at 1400 dollar. Also when the terrorists have planted the bomb, but the CTs defused it, every terrorist gets the reward for losing the round and an additional 800 dollar. Now, let’s talk about how much money you need to buy. On the T side, you only need 3350 to buy an AK and armor without helmet.

On the CT side however, you will need 3750, only to buy an M4 and armor without helmet. For a rifle with armor and helmet, you need 4100 on the CT side. And 3700 on the T side. Thats it, I hope I could help you. If you don’t want to miss any new videos from me, make sure to subscribe to my channel..

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