Yo YouTube, it’s HSS I hope you’re fine, thank you for clicking on this video it makes me very happy! If you like this video you can put like, you can subscribe to my channel and also leave comments I will answer with pleasure. Good viewing to you Today little guide on the most weapon powerful of the game, it’s the AWP, the main sniper in CS: GO God knows that only one player can ride an opposing team with this stick Magic I – What is the AWP and how to use it? The AWP is a respected and feared weapon Its existence greatly affects the way players play, what do I hear? by that is imagine that you are on D2 in Terro, you will all go long with your mates or what and you’re all going to be rolled over by a sniper and round next you’re going to say what are you going to say “Eeeh guys, there’s an AWP long v’nez we’re trying the B, v’nez one tries the middle etc. “it will change the behavior the game play of the players 2nd example you are in eco on D2 in Terro, you know there is a AWP mid you go say “Ooooh the gaaars, for an eco, v’nez we push the guy mid, we will try to kill him, we get his AWP we go B and we do the round “, voila The fact that the AWP is present in a round ca will change the behavior of the players and the way they play, what you need to know is that the AWP is a situational weapon and we use it according to the type of position that we have on the map and according to the moments, because even if it’s incredibly expensive you’ll see players drop it for an AK or an M4 if the situation come to change as a site retake, a site retake means a close combat shot they will be more comfortable with an M4 or AK because the pace shooting is higher.

Nevertheless some players are specialized in the AWP and they will be more comfortable with the AWP and are capable of great prowess and they will keep this weapon in any what situation and get out the gun if the situation come to go What we must not forget is that CS: GO is a team game foremost, so can import the number of kill you have the number of death the number of assist ‘the number money what to remember is that in CSGO if you win you win in team if you lose you lose in a team so I advice you it’s always save an awp at the end of the round if you cross one because even if you do not want to play with there will always be someone for you to exchange it for a weapon The AWP has two zoom, a regular zoom and a double zoom, these two zoom mods make this ultra-precise long-range weapon What you need to know is that the sniper one shot in the head, the torso, the arm, the belly but not on the shoulders or the legs, this is called a LEGSHOT This weapon has a loader capacity of 10 bullets, a very slow rate of fire because it’s a lockgun that means that each shot will have to put a ball inside It costs $ 4750 and is available in two sides the faults of the awp first fault according me when you go zoom it will make a little noise, it’s binding if you’re furtirf and you do not want to be spotted second weak point is its price $ 4750 is very expensive, know that an AK-47 costs $ 2700 and the M4 are worth $ 3100 Third point negative is the zoom that takes time to appear, in situations you do not have no time to zoom in it is quite compelling Fourth point, the speed of movement, you have a mobility really reduced compared to this weapon if you have it in Everybody knows, or if you did not know I do not know you, that in CS: GO if you have the knife in your hands you run faster, with the pistol a little less, with the assault rifle a little less, when you have the awp in your hands you will be extremely penalized of your displacements as it is a heavy weapon Fifth point the rate of fire, as I told you it’s a lockgun so its rate of fire is low, we must be careful that it can be punitive, if you miss your shot, there’s a good chance you’ll die Last but not least, when you zoom in your vision is going to be obscured, you go zoom you’ll notice that in the middle of the screen there will be the target and all around it will be all black, suddenly you will have a defect of vision How to use it? Several methods available to you, first method wait at the corners to ambush with zoom to where the enemy is will appear in your opinion it’s a passive style of play that requires patience, if you are patient this style of play is for you use the first zoom in average distance and wait, do not use the double zoom because your vision is going to be greatly affected and if someone pushes you at this moment the you can not see it, use the double zoom only for very long distance or use the double zoom for a better reaction You have two techniques to kill someone, either follow the viewfinder, or else wait slightly further than it passes on your viewfinder to kill him Be careful that it passes over your viewfinder and that it does not fake you because often he can do a shoulder check and you force him to shoot for nothing and take the advantage on The AWP is very powerful if you cover a single area, let’s say B on D2 or long D2 on CT Second method the noscope, as you will have understood with the name it means to draw without zooming in, shooting without zooming is good and not good, why is not it good? By that it is imprecise, and that it will only be necessary to use it at short distance and even at a short distance, chances are it will not even happen, but you’ll be forced from time to time when you do not have time to aim or exit the weapon secondary Come on in the third method the Flickshot, the flickshot is the act of zooming in and shooting the opponent very, very quickly there are three steps to flick, so stop and move your mouse on the enemy + zoom in and shoot A flickshot master is super strong, look KennyS it’s a monster often because of the GOTV we will believe that it’s no scopes but in reality it only flicks shot You’ll tell me “Oaaaaai voilaaaa flick shot, the AWP is not for me, must to be really strong so you can play the AWP and flickshot “NO If you want to practice flickshot and you can not do it, I’ll give you advice to do what ? It’s pre-shots, it only requires a bit of game sense to know where can the enemy be and crosshair placement that’s all You are GA, you run GA with your AWP, even if you are smoke even if you are flash or anything, even if there is no opponent just having a crosshair correct placement helps the pre shot in fact you’re going to shift by zooming you’re going to stop moving you already have the viewfinder at the corner just just to click and leave if there is someone there dies if there is no one so much Why is this trick interesting? ? This is that you do not need to move your mouse, it’s the most difficult, move the mouse over the enemy while with a preshot + crosshair correct placement you’ll only have to worry about moving the zoom and shot, no need to be concerned about the position of the opponent is what makes the preshot much more interesting to be comfortable with aiming me this that I can advise you is to change your sensitivity via the command “zoom_sensitivity_ ratio_mouse “, it will do what, in fact it will only change the sense of the zoom I advise you to use this command if you are not very comfortable and even if you are comfortable but by curiosity you want to test I can only encourage you to change it and test until you find the sense of zoom that suits you The things you absolutely must know, first thing the timing between two shots What do I mean by the? When you go shoot there will be the noise “CLAC-CLAC” and this noise represents the timing between 2 shots, hold on! Imagine the sound, because this timing is great important if you play sniper or if you play against a sniper, during this timing if you play a sniper, I advise you never to be visible because it’s a moment where you will be vulnerable, so run, hide, change position, change angle really it’s the moment of weakness A contrario if you play against a sniper and that he magnifies you, I advise you to push, change position and imagine the timing and the end of the timing start at the preshot, preshot it, I assure you that if he returns to try to kill you, he will die 100% and we will treat you cheater The preshot is a good solution What else can I advise you with the sniper is to buy a gun, because if you have a glock or a usp-s it’s not good because in your short fights wear the usp and the glock are almost no damage What you need to know is that base guns have a ridiculous armor penetration and you will not put a lot of damage, often you will see -91 in 7 hits with a glock or p2000 it’s really not recommended So buy a gun just for them fights a short distance if you’re not used to flicks and it’s precisely to be able to complete an enemy “legshot” The pistols that I recommend: FIVESEVEN, P250, DEAGLE, TEK9 But not the CZ-75 because the animation is way too long How to counter an AWP? It’s easy actually admit you know there’s an AWP somewhere to launch it just a smoke to hide the visu, if you do not smoke, flash it you go also hide his visibility he will have to shoot or not shoot, back and he will have no more eyes It will be too dangerous for him to stay at the same line of the coup it will create a timing for the push or otherwise if you do not no smolder or flash try a shoulder peak what is the shoulder peak? it’s the to just take the vision of the enemy and hide and believe that you’re going to force him to actually shoot to create a timing to be able to push etc.

Two, three tips, to play the awp aggressively or not, what you need remember what is it? it’s having a good crosshair placement again and again to use double zoom only at long range or for better responsiveness, because the double zoom can punish you with too much awp it’s not good plan even if the awp is a very powerful weapon to have too much is bad, I recommend to have a team awp see two to the limit but no more, it can hurt you the sound of the zoom can spot you, so during your clutch situations what I recommends you to zoom in before accessing the area, made a clear angles with the open zoom you will have the advantage How to become good at the awp? There is no secret you have to train, made of DM, DM-LEGO, only LEGO is a draconian method but there is what’s that, every day makes 300 kills at the AWP in DM before, after your competitions, before sleeping while waking up anything, do DM and fix yourself a goal to do every day, every day, every day and even if you do not want to play CS continue to train and I assure you that at the end one month, two months, three months, you will become a monster! It is mandatory ! Thank you very much for watching this video to the end I urge you to subscribe and share this video if it’s up to you then take a ride on my previous A very very soon I hope it was HSS! PEACE! – OH PALACE – EH …


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