Hello my dear viewers, I am Arsenij “CEH9” Trynozhenko. Today we have another video guide and I decided to dedicate it to the Train map. I thought if I should show some grenades on A site, but I decided it would be better to show you different tricks on Train, that would be useful, simple and effective. So using a few tricks and grenades you would be able to win your matchmaking, or scrims if you are more or less serious team. Starting from the general basics let’s say that all grenades that you throw over this roof. Your smokes can be laid neatly on the lines. You can throw smokes from anywhere. I found some orienting points for myself. For example this manhole. You look into the sun, make a step forward and throw the smoke. Like this one. This smoke is rather good. It cuts off the defense players behind the plant. Here is the 5th line. This position is called Taz. On the old Train the Polish player Wiktor Wojtas used to sit there, so it was called “Taz”. So you have to smoke Z, you have to smoke this position, You can smoke the line and try to plant the bomb.

Another good place to throw smoke from is this dot on the refuse damp. You can aim straight at the pipe. Once again at the pipe, step forward and you cut off both the default, where you can plant the bomb and Z connector. However, be careful, there is a small hole. This hole is often used for defense purposes. It’s better not to throw such grenades; you have to practice this smoke. What can I say about the tricks? In general all the tricks are … Well if I started as T side, let’s fly onto B. Firstly you can throw grenades from here. I mean the first flash everyone should know about is the stairs flash. Just like this. You’re aiming at the room and throw it. It’s rather cool, it explodes one near the end of this door, so any defense player around would be blinded. Furthermore if you took the stairs of your teammate can throw this flash for you, just through the window to the blind.

Because as you may know, very often CT players take this unexpected position. They lay smoke here and just stand still, thinking no one would expect them and they would make kills. But far from it. You would be able to kill those guys. What next? Next is this smoke of course. You can throw this smoke however you like. You can practice it yourself. Any smoke you like. You can throw it anywhere. This smoke is in the Ivy. Pretty good. You can cut off Taz and the person who comes from Ivy and kills windows, default, Z connector and so on.

Let’s move into the B plant of T side. There are a lot of interesting options near B. First of all. Simply throw it downstairs. Its advantage is that you can throw it. This smoke can even fly over the white train. However, I think this is the most effective one. Because it smokes off an important position. The player behind the train will not be able to do anything. Also it’s important to notice this niche above.

You can stand behind and throw flashes like that, and your teammates can just go into the lower. The thing is this flash. If you remember, this player on the train is the most annoying and does the most damage, checking the lower. That’s why if you will use these grenades. Also you can throw this smoke running full speed. It’s a very good smoke that will land near the Z connector. Well, not this one. This smoke is not good. I do not know where I hit it. Once again, you have to practice neat, tough smoke. Like that. It would be nice if it would fly over this lowering and would reach Z. It’s possible to do. If you remember the old Train there was some wild smoke. You could throw it from here into Z. It flew over and landed here. You can throw that smoke just from this connector. It’s rather efficient solution.

Essentially that’s it. The first part of my tricks on the train has come to an end. The next guide would be up very soon. Thumbs up, yours Arsenij CEH9 Trynozhenko..

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