Hi, everyone! This is Danya “Zeus”. Today we are going to talk about. As you can see, we have a cool update on the map. I’m going to tell you about a couple of rounds to play for the attack. First of all, let’s review the options at Site B. The simplest setup is a four-or even five-terrorists approach. Site B, make a default, then exchange fire with the couter-terrorists closest to them. If there are no CTs, my advice would be to go here and throw well-practiced grenades. This is the collection of. One of the players throws a smoke to shut off this area …

… it’s really easy to do. Additionally. But first you should practice throwing it. It needs to be thrown. There to take out the distant player. Next, three terrorists. They take their positions here, exchange fire. Also you can run through this smoked area. Then you take the upper descent, throw some grenades, HEs, and occupy closer positions. Afer that you are a bomb and one of the players goes to the back. This was one of the pistol round options. The second type of pistol round at Site B can be done through Middle. At the beginning you make a default, wait for the arcade … … Then the three terror players. If they see someone there, they exchange fire with them. Then the three terrorists run along Zigzag and the other two approach. For example, one player can go to the Upper … … another can go here, take one smoke set. The others take armor and run to exchange fire at Site B, closing on CT players there. This is all, as with Site B. You do not need any overthought.

Talking about Site A, I have one verified pistol round option to tell you about. I really like it. It’s called “2x2x1”. Two armored players. The other two players – one with armor, another with a set – go to the Door. One player approaches Middle. He would be gathering. With that, two players go through the Door and hold off. Honestly speaking, I do not know about the current de_season version, but the previous one you can throw smoke from here.

Although I do not think it’s possible now due to all the new textures. The main thing is that terrorists run here and exchange. Another terrorist. The terrorist at Middle helps there. Thus, the three terrorists run to the Main, at the same time the other two go to the Side. Clearly, it’s not the best smoke. There are some grenades that you should practice throwing. This smoke is better. It is closed. That’s how the terrorists come and exchanged fire. I have not played much on the new de_season map myself, so I have not looked into the grenade. But I will continue to explore it and find some new tricks for you. This was Danya “Zeus”. I hope my tactics will help you.

See you later. Bye..

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