Numbers predict victories in the big eSports! Like hell they do! It’s the same as reading tea-leaves, only intuition matters! Or…? Make your choice, logic or intuition and win prizes with EGB. Hello, my dear viewers, we have yet another video guide about de_Inferno map, but this is A plant now. At first it seemed that grenades on A plant would be pretty simple, but then again there are quite few positions from where you can throw grenades, because the easiest positions are in places where you can die easily to a defense player, who can check mid for example, and this position is great to throw smoke. Also I found a smoke from here towards the site, but then again to throw from here is very risky. But we want to throw smoke like this, plant the bomb behind it. Anyway you should remember it, because in theory if you come from here, if you took over this position, the opponent most likely wouldn’t return there, however there is a possibility. So I found the following smokes: The first smoke, you aim at the broom, stand there, turn around, aim at the corner, a bit higher, and step forward.

Well, not like this, when I start recording guides my smoke become awkward. Once more, aim higher and throw, smoke flies and explodes in this section, it covers Library and moto. Also this smoke is good when you enter A from the right Mid. You enter from here, and the sniper from the library won’t do any damage. The next smoke, you stand near the broom, at the middle of this rose bush, aim at the corner of the roof, put your aim higher and a small step forward.

Again I missed the smoke completely, again I messed up. The corner, a small step forward and throw. Now it landed at the Arch, it’s one of the most important smokes. Regarding Molotovs, they are similar, to Molotov the hiding spot you have to hit it against the wall. Ideally you should aim at this thing, but the defense player can stand there, so be careful. If you have an opportunity, it’s better to throw like this. Next there is another useful smoke. You stand against this wall, aim at this mark on the roof, put your aim higher and without any steps throw the smoke. This smoke covers the Library… I mean an important position in the Pit.

The defense player won’t be able to see anything from here, he’ll be forced to come out. What do I think about de_Inferno grenades? I’d like to throw smokes like this, and this, so you can enter the site and plant the bomb. I mean cover this position with the smoke… This area. And also this area. Throw 3 smokes and then plant the bomb. Or well, a little closer, so it would land somewhere around here. Like this one, and then you can plant the bomb. Although this position in Pit won’t be smoked then. Anyway, I think 3 smokes would be enough to make it work. Also I found this smoke. Line up with this tile, aim at the antenna and throw the smoke. It flies and lands at Graveyard. It’s good because it blocks vision for the sniper towards Pit. If you jump down from the balcony and take control of Pit.

Also when you get closer you won’t be able to see anything through. And from this position you don’t see anything either. But this smoke should be thrown in combination with the smoke that will land somewhere here. Anyway, for now you can throw some simple smokes, which will help you push into the site. Or you can go through Arch side. Smoke off the Arch itself, throw a molotov into cubby and one more smoke towards Library. Let’s try smoke towards Library one more time. From here and throw while taking a step forward. These kind of smokes are the hardest ones. Because the steps can be different. This one seems better… or also a bad one? It’s also bad. It’s really hard to throw it properly. Maybe a bit higher? Nope. By the way, skybox is really low here. It was probably done on purpose to prevent Ts from getting an advantage. So you need to throw nades lower.

This one should make it. Yes, it lands perfectly, and cuts off the library and moto. Practice is required, the map is new, I tested these smokes for 30-40 minutes. But you need to throw them regularly, if you do that, you’ll easily get the hang of it. With this smoke you can go through the arch. In fact, you can smoke off both positions, arch and library, then go through the Arch side and push into the smoke with the flash. The sniper in the library won’t expect you to push through the smoke. Because he’ll think, “It’s smoked, I’m gonna go control the arch then” or something like that.

But instead he’ll get flashed and killed. Something like that. I’ve shown you the main smokes. Now you know all directions and positions from where you can throw these smokes. But you gotta practice it. As I said, spare 30 minutes a day to start the map, run around and practice different smokes. In the next video I’ll show some tricky smokes. By the way, I’m wondering if it’s possible to throw the smoke across the map. It would nice to if it was possible. Because on the old version of Inferno you could throw it somehow like this. But here you can’t. Which is not really cool, yeah, it’s blocked. Maybe it will be unblocked later. I’m Arsenij “Ceh9” Trynozhenko, see you next time, bye!.

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