Hello, dear viewers. This is Arseniy “Ceh9” Trynozhenko. It’s been a while since the last video guide, so I’ve decided to show you some good spots where you can stand with the Zeus. Zeus has been recently removed from Na`Vi, but Zeus still remains in our hearts. Jokes aside, the Zeus aka taser or B-5-3 is a stun gun that costs $200 and can be quite useful in your games. Because it’s cheap and is capable of killing an enemy in one hit, like a shotgun.

For some players the positions where you can play with the Zeus may be obvious, but for some may not. Always play close angles. Just imagine that you have a shotgut instead of the Zeus, but it only has one bullet. And remember, aim at the body, not at the head. But if you think that aiming at the body is very easy, then you’re actually wrong. Especially it’s gonna be hard to aim at the body for those who used to always aim at the head. So, aim at the body, keep your crosshair at this level and if some noob peeks out you’ll instantly kill him. One hit and he’s done. Just like this. That’s basically it. The positions are the following: Behind this box, or here behind the corner, or here at this angle. In general, any 90 degree angles. Or here, you can also throw a smoke and hold this position. This position is also usually smoked. You can also play with the Zeus in the Ladder room. Hold this angle. Just sit and wait for the flash to go off and then go out and kill your enemy.

Or on B. On Lower B you can hold this position and kill the enemies who jump into the site. Or for example on Upper B, climb up and shoot straight from up here. Or for example your teammate with the USP is at the back of Upper, and once he spots an enemy, you immediately rush in and try to kill him. But it’s difficult to execute. In fact, your teammate has to provide very accurate information once the enemy gets closer, so that you can go in and kill him.

So it’s best to hide behind different covers. Such as inside the bomb train, behind the white train, Lower B or behind the bomb train. Basically any positions where T’s might go and where you’ll be able to utilize your weapon. And then of course switch out to P250 or pick up his device. Sometimes it’s better to buy Zeus for $200 and P250 for $300, than a Five-SeveN for $500. That’s it. So, hide in various spots and try to kill your opponent in the body.

But again, I want you to understand that you have aim at the body when the target is at a very close range. Just imagine that you got a shotgun with one bullet instead of the Zeus..

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