Hello, my dear viewers, my name is Arsenij “Ceh9” Trynozhenko. This is yet another video guide devoted to jump shooting. The thing is 1 or 2 weeks ago I made a similar guide and it didn’t make it to our channel because Valve changed jump shooting and made everything to stop Silver ranks from hitting their shots. For me, as a professional, it’s probably good news, for you as viewers it’s probably not, because according to statistics most of our viewers are Silver or rather below Big Star, so the guys who don’t really know how to play this game, or play it like CoD and Battlefield. So I’d like to show you the changes and how to shoot mid-air now. For this I need sh_impacts command. By the way I’d want to apologize for my keyboard sounds in advance, it has blue switches so you can hear all the sounds, but I’ll try to reduce them.

Valve made everything to stop you from hitting mid-air shots, but if you still want to shoot, you must do it at your peak point. What does it mean? Imagine parabolic curve, you must shoot when it has maximum value. Just like that, you jump then you shoot. And as you can see the bullets are still not very accurate, because you can’t always tell where is that peak point. For the devices like Scout nothing probably changed, because anyway you use Scout during Eco rounds at this position.

You jump and you hit, the peak is quite easy to find here, so you can hit heads. But for those CSers, who shoot while jumping from this window, it’s almost impossible now. You fly and the bullet misses completely, before people jumped and hit long distance shots and killed enemies. But now you jump and you can’t do anything, so if you used it, please stop. Well, maybe P90 got slightly… not exactly accurate… People did it like this… well, the spray is very inaccurate. I mean P90 was pretty accurate, but now the spray is awful, so now you can fire only after landing, then it’s pretty accurate, but if you fly you wouldn’t achieve anything. It’s good, because I always thought it was pure luck, you hardly hit the man who is flying, but he hits you pretty easily because you stand still, so I think it’s good. For those who liked to shoot with Scout they can continue to do so. Regarding the AWP… How is the AWP? Can we hit the shots as well? No, the AWP seems inaccurate, however those changes concern not only Scout but all other devices as well.

But it seems like the AWP shouldn’t hit the mid-air shots. Anyway I think you can still hit the shot, there is a chance, you just have to find the peak point. By the way I tested MAG7, it’s accuracy remained the same at close range. MAG7 in close range is very accurate regardless, you can jump and kill just like before. That’s it my dear viewers, I hope everything is clear now. Use my tips in you MM and play a bit better, bye!.

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