Hello, dear viewers. This is Arseniy “Ceh9” Trynozhenko with a new video guide, and today we’ll be talking about how to win clutch rounds. A lot of the readers of my VK fan page are particularly interested in it. So I’ll try to teach you how do you need to act in order to ensure you win a clutch round. I was really goot at clutching rounds back in the day. Maybe it was more difficult for me when it came to holding certaing spots and killing several opponents simultaneously, but when I was the last man standing on my team as T, I clearly knew what and how I should do. And a while back I think I had about 60-70% stat in won 1v2 rounds, according to HLTV.org statistics. Let’s get straight to the point.

As I understand, very often a lot of guys start getting nervous when they end up in a 1v2 or 1v3 situation. Which is the main factor in why you don’t win a particular round. You have to deal with nervousness. If you know that you are nervous, you need to try to figure out the cause of your nervousness outside of the game. There’s no big money or something at stake when you’re playing matchmaking, you’re not going to become the current World Champion, so why would you worry or get nervous. That’s the first point. The second point is your proficiency within the game. You must understand that you play well, you got a good rank in CS, you spend a lot of time playing CS, you have a good aim, and most likely you have the information about the enemy positions. Because you just ended up in a 1v2 or 1v3 situation, your teammates have died and probably gave you some information, so you know roughly where your enemies are. Plus you have the map knowledge, and an understanding that if when you push A, for example, you got a frag, and your teammate also got one, that means 2-3 enemies left and you should understand where they are.

Because, as we know, to hold a bombsite on any map, including Mirage, where I’m at the moment, 2+3 tactic is required. In particular on Mirage, 2-1-2, 2 players on A, one in the window, and 2 on B. So if you get frags on A, you should understand that one of the remaining CTs is rotating from B, or coming from behind, or going through mid, or coming from CT spawn. And another one is coming from Catwalk, but he’ll be able to get to the site really fast so if you attacked A, and you’re up agaisnt those two, then you should understand that one is already close by, while the second one is still on the way to A as he was on B. Having put all of these factors together, you have to win this round. How do you do it? To begin with, the most important tip I could give you is to try to bring the situation down to a 1v1. From this guide you can also learn how to play when you outnumber your opponent. Remember that any decent T or CT player when left alone will try to bring it down to a 1v1 situation.

So if you outnumber your opponent, you should prevent it from getting down to a 1v1. That’s all. T player will always try to kill CTs on A as quickly as possible, and he understands while the other CTs are still rotating towards A, and there’s nobody here yet, he can easily take the fight and get a pick off. And the most important thing is, when you are outnumbered, you have to utilize your shooting skill. Especially when you’re on low hp. You don’t have much chances anyway, the only chance is to try to kill an enemy, so why not to give it a shot? Of course you may get killed due to low hp, but you have to try and take this chance to win the round.

So if you can get a quick pick off by using your aim, then do it. If you kill one, you end up in a 1v1 situation and you’ll be able to hide, figure out where the second enemy is, throw a smoke, and if you have enough time left you can try to use this smoke as a cover, throw a flash and go to the opposite site. CT player behind Ticket box will expect you to stay on A, while you head towards B through mid. Another useful thing is self confidence. Everything you do in CS you have to do it confidently. Absolutely every thing, plant the bomb, throw a flash, shoot. And you have to think about this all the time.

When you left alone you don’t think about how scared you are right now, or that you won’t be able to win this round and so on. You have to connect the dots of the information you’ve received from your teammates, and try to calculate what and how your opponents are going to do. Figure out the positions your opponents might be in, who’s going where, where’s the bomb, do you have the bomb or not, how much time’s left, the steps.

All these factors should very quickly create a picture in your head, and if you get this picture, you’ll have a good chance of winning an important round. I hope you liked this guide. If I didn’t mention something you’d like to know, write in the comments, I always read them, and maybe in the next video we’ll continue to talk about clutches..

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