Have you ever seen me play CSGO and thought to yourself, “Man, this guy is just terrible, I could teach him a thing or two”. Well, your chance is here, on an exclusive tournament organized for followers of this channel, do you want more details? Click the annotation or card on the corner over here. Places are limited so, hurry up. Remember that LowSpecGamer video I made sharing a configuration file for CSGO as well as a couple of tips for low end computers and specially for intelhd GPUs? Well, since then I have been showered with requests for tips that could work on Nvidia gpus.

All right, I have received some recommendations that can help with all GPUs and some that are specific to Nvidia. Let’s get right to it! Long time viewers of the channel will remember that for the Skyrim mods video I used a program called HialoBoost that adjust your internal resolution on the fly when the framerate needs it. Many many many people have asked if this can be used on games like CSGO. And… you actually can! There is a generic version of HialgoBoost that works with most directx9 games, linked in the description. Let me repeat that, this only works on games using Directx9 so don’t go around asking if this will work on something like Dark Souls 3 all right? All you have to do is download and install the program and when you launch CSGO it will ask if you want it to do its thing, and there… However, in my experience the autoswitch system actually hurt me more than it helped… so you can also try the generic HialogSwitch, which is basically the same program but the resolution does not change manually and you can switch it by pressing the middle mouse button.

If you want to change the button that does the switch or change other settings like removing the logo you can go to the configuration file in documents, my games. Every game has its own config file for you to change how Hialgo works… And this is extremely useful for when your computer kinda runs the game, but you want a quick boost when you need it. If your performance is limited by GPU or you’re looking for an easy way of switching to a lower resolution on the fly, when you need it, this is definitely the software for you.

Especially because the prompt is still perfectly readable, is just the internal resolution that has changed. How did I not kill Anybody? Oh yeah, short bursts. We were flanked, we were flanked. Yep, I just need to get used to that. Next let’s talk about nvidia inspector, linked in the description. This is a well known program that allows you to tweak the settings of the driver for specific games, and it comes with nice list of pre sets for all sorts of games.

All you have to do is to go to the counter strike global offensive profile, add program, navigate to your CSGO installation folder until you find the CSGO executable and click on it, finally apply the changes. While the change in performance was not earth shattering I did notice better performance and stability when the GPU was bottlenecked. If you want to you can experiment with the profile settings. Do be aware that CSGO has locked a lot of changes in order to prevent competitive advantages, and some of the most promising possible tweaks will simply crash. And finally, something I did not know about until very recently. If you want to play CSGO in almost any resolution fullscreen you can experiment with adding a custom resolution to your nvidia panel. You can do this by going to your nvidia control panel, heading to the change resolution option and hitting customize.

You can add a low resolution here like 960 x 540 and test it before it is approved. However, once the resolution is on the list you will notice it in the CSGO options, from where you can perfectly select it and play in fullscreen. Ok, doing good so far… not doing good so far. Wow, I didn’t even know it was possible. OK, there’s a guy up there, maybe we can get him. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon. Oh man! Well, that wasn’t that bad, I think, yeah, we just really flanked. I fell this is going to go terribly. Oh God! Wow, that guy might be worse than me. I think I might have finally found a player that is worse than me. It’s kinda funny how my reaction to it was- shit! Oh wait, was I the only one? Oh, if I only knew that.

We have problems, we have problems, we have problems, we have problems, we have problems, Oh! I didn’t even see him, that was… ok OK, there’s an enemy there, I think he’s dead. Oh yeah, I actually helped with that. Unbelievable. Oh, I Actually helped, again. Not doing bad this round- shit! Do you see him? Yep, I’m actually not doing that bad. Oh god! We won! W-we won… a round, and I helped! I’m a little bit… Oh god! We’re in trouble. “learn the spread, Alex”. Oh! See? It was not so bad I killed one before he got me, that was not that bad, I’m improving, I swear to god I’m improving… Haha! see? That guy may have even worse aim than me, that’s impressive. What the fuck is happening? And we’re back at making stupid decisions, of course. That is all for this video. Remember to check out the video about the tournament, the number of participants is limited so you should sign up soon if you are interested Thank you to the growing list of Patreons for making all of this a reality every day.

See you on the next video..

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