-GB What determines ladder climbing speed? The biggest factor is whether you’re running, walking or crouching. Of course running is the fastest. But how about walking vs crouching? I tested this out on a large ladder and it seems as though they’re both the same. Do you climb faster with a knife out? I concluded that the weapon you have out does not affect your climbing speed, so it’s probably best to have your gun out ready for whatever’s lurking at the top. As many of you know, however, this isn’t the end of it. By holding down forwards AND a side button you can go shooting up the ladder much faster. Although faster, it leads to you flying off the top of the ladder because Gabe Newell, but holding a walk or crouch button as you approach the top will slow you down and should- with perfect timing- let you slide off the ladder smoothly.

It’s a shame that you have to do this and I guess that the moral of the story is to NOT use ladders if enemies are around. This diagonal climbing approach also works with crouching and walking, but it’s not as impressive. I’m going to assume you know how to go down a ladder already. It’s possible to do the diagonal trick here as well but I suggest practicing this in your own time. If approaching it like this you WILL snap onto it, but if you’re looking at an angle you’ll end up falling off half way down. Not fun. Always face directly towards or away from the ladder. In conclusion, it’s only a matter of time before something is done about the terrible state of ladders in Source, but until then we’ll just have to put up with this. Have fun!.

As found on Youtube