First make sure you installed and played CS: GO because it installs the files you need to create a map. Now go to the library and down to Tools. Find and run “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – SDK “and select” Hammer World Editor ” Now we will create the first map: make room, look what it looks like, create a spawn point and then play it. CREATION OF ROOM Create a new level file by going to FILE and down to NEW. Make your room a choice BLOCK TOOL and dragging to the square here. Release the mouse to release it from the cursor. We need to do at least 128 units in all dimensions. This top box is a top view, these two are on the side. Do it as great as you want drag the white squares to the edge of the block.

In one of the lower views, that at least 128 units are high. When done, push ENTER, to create a block! Make it hollow by going to TOOLS and MAKE HOLLOW. Write -64 and click OK. LEVEL VIEW Move your mouse over this black box and press Z to switch navigation mode. You can view the map as if you had a nightlip in this mode. You can turn on textures by clicking on CAMERA and selecting 3D Shaded Textured Polygons. SPAWN POINT PLACEMENT As a further selection of the Entity Tool, click on the area you just did to place the spawn point for the terrorists. Make sure it is not too close or inside the wall or will not work.

Here he will spawn in the game. PLAYBACK ON THE MAP Save a map file. It does not matter where but NOT a space in the map name. The underscore is OK. Now playing. Press F9, click “Expert”, select “Full compile – HDR only” and click “Go!”. This process is called compilation and converts your map file into playable CS: GO maps. After completion, the game should be loaded. If you try to click on the terrorist side and it does not let you, so the spawn you’ve created does not work either because it’s too close to the wall, or his feet are in the floor or something.

Simply go back to the editor, choose select tool, click the terrorist and drag it in one of the 2D views. Drag it up so that it will float somewhere in the middle of the room, away from everything. Do not worry, it will not float in the game. You will notice that in the game at this stage the walls look black and weird! You need at least one light. Exit CS: GO. If the Hammer editor does not respond, just restart it. Sorry 🙁 This sometimes happens after playing the game full screen. You can work around this by starting the game in the window. Adding the Light Select the ENTITY TOOL and tap anywhere in your room to add another terrorist. Select a selection tool and double-click it. In “CLASS” choose LIGHT and click Apply. This light will work where it is, but I suggest moving it to the center of the room for optimal beauty. Simply select the selection tool, make sure the light is selected in the 3D window and move it in the 2D windows where you want.

RESTORE MAP Press the F9 key to rebuild the map. You should remember the settings from the past, so just press GO and the map should be loaded. Congratulations on completing the first map! You always get stuck on the map design, but keep in mind that you can go back to this stage if you ever get lost. Check out the links below for advanced videos!.

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