Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. We have some pretty big news. Valve added a new blog post just now which basically translates to, taking a dump on OPskins. Valve says that the last two years they’ve enforced the Steam Subscriber Agreement terms. In march 2018 we all know what happened, they added the trading cooldown, and Valve’s reason was to fight fraud and misuses of Steam Accounts. Then it says, On June 6, OPSkins launched ExpressTrade, which uses Valve’s intellectual property and violates our Steam Subscriber Agreement, and is already being used by other businesses to avoid Valve policies. I was always wondering what Valve or rather when Valve would start to take action against people violating their terms, and it seems that they’ve decided to swing their hammer.

Today we messaged OPSkins to cease using Valve intellectual property. We also notified them that we will lock OPSkins Steam Accounts by June 21st, 2018. Oof, that is a tough one. It’s almost like I feel sorry for OPSkins, but at the same time, for people that don’t know what it is, ExpressTrade is an instant peer-to-peer trading service so it would be used to surpass the trading cooldown by trading items directly on the site. OPSkins must have thought that Valve wouldn’t care or that it wouldn’t cause issues, but seeing that Valve implemented the trading cooldown not so long ago, I feel like they went too far with their ExpressTrade feature. Here’s the screenshot showing Valve’s lawyers message to OPskins (which btw was not sent by their official twitter account). In the screenshot OPskins had two options, to immediately cease their service for CS:GO, or to do it no later than June 21st.

Very interesting that they’re providing a screenshot in the CS:GO* Blog Post, almost like the message wouldn’t seem legit otherwise. Now what does this mean for the value of skins? Well, they should go down. Most people will sell their skins fast and others will take them out and sell them to the Steam Market. I don’t know how much the value will drop but you might find an interesting offer for some fancy skins if it’s not too late already. Now OPskins have replied with a statement.

In the post they are advising people to withdraw their items before June 21st to avoid any trading restrictions. They also intrestingly mentioned that while Valve says the reason is ExpressTrade, we expect that this is yet another effort from Valve to drive sales to the Steam Market. I understand what they’re saying, and yes, the Steam Market isn’t that charming with it’s 15% fee, and is probably the reason why other markets have opened.

That is the main issue tho, if the fee wasn’t so high almost everyone would use the Steam Market. OPSkins are also working on integrating their stuff to a blockchain-based service which means that items won’t ever be taken away from item owners or held to trade restrictions. I mean this kind of news can scare other services like OPskins. So is this the death of OPskins? I don’t think so, it seems that they’re not out of the game yet, and speaking of games, there are other games. I’ll put the links in the video description but what are your thoughts on this? You can also follow me on Twitter/Instagram and even join Discord for some fun activities and giveaways, or if you just want to hang with some cool people. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you guys in the next one, and go bananas!.

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