-GB Your gun takes up a large part of the screen. By reducing its size and by altering its position you’ll have greater visibility. I’ll be going through all of the separate commands in this video, but if you just want to take my word for it and use my config, skip to near the end, you can find the contents menu for this video in the description. The choice you have for changing the gun model in the options menu is… underwhelming. Go to Game Settings and down to ‘Viewmodel Position’. This will give you a choice between two fairly similar settings and COUCH which makes it take up even more of the screen. Do console gamers need a bigger gun model or something? Looks like we need to resort to console commands. cl_righthand 0 as opposed to 1 will make your player left-handed, as if that makes much of a difference.

The four that change the position and look of the weapons are: viewmodel_offset_x which can be set between -2 and 3 viewmodel_offset_y which can be between -2 and 2 viewmodel_offset_z which is also -2 to 2, I’d say that this is the most important one to set to -2 since 2 is clearly impractical and somewhat… worrying. viewmodel_fov which can be between 54 and 68, the lower the better in my opinion since you see more of the gun rather than your hand and it’s tucked closer to the side of the screen, depending on your other settings chosen. There are some other commands that let you change the movement. I don’t honestly see these as ever making much of a difference to your gaming ability, and in fact think that it’s more of a signature you could use.

You know, like when you upload frag video clips people will be all like ‘Oh that 3kliksphilip dude has a REALLY bouncy gun model LOLOLOL’ Any way, here are the settings. cl_bob_lower_amt 5 to 30. This alters how far back the gun goes when moving. I quite like this for visibility. cl_bobamt_lat 0 to 2. the larger the value, the more stupidly the gun moves side to side. cl_bobamt_vert 0 to 2. This is the same as the previous command, only a large number here makes it bob stupidly up and down. cl_bobcycle 0.98, unfortunately this can’t be changed, I’m guessing that this determines the animation speed. cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt to 2. This one determines how much your gun moves sideways when you’re aiming more precisely. In other words, when you crouch.

Cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt to 2 chooses how far over to the right of the screen your gun travels as you’re shooting and moving quickly. It’s a shame that it resets to default settings every time you load up CS:GO. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the game save them for you? For this you need to make an autoexec file! I’ll save you the hassle and will make one for you. Download it in the description of this video. Make your way to the CFG folder for CS:GO and place the autoexec.cfg file inside. Next, open up the config.cfg file- when it asks you which program you’d like to use, choose notepad. All of these cfgs are txt files in disguise. Type at the end: ‘exec autoexec’ then save and close the file. Now, right-click on the config file and make it ‘read-only’ otherwise it will simply delete the new bit every time the game loads. And there you have it- a smaller looking gun on the screen.

Well done..

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