There is a way to reduce the keyboard delay on Windows, and it could actually be quite useful for CS:GO Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. A Swedish dude known as Nathan Juhlin contacted me to share his tweak that he made. He’s been working with these kind of tweaks since 2016, and this keyboard tweak gave the most uplifting results. So before I explain what the tweak does, Windows stores specific values for your keyboard settings. Some of these values determine things like keyboard speed, delay, and so on, almost like the keyboard settings that you can find here but they’re more technical.

So what Juhlin has done is basically optimize the values to make movement in CS:GO feel more responsive. Here’s one of the registry files that he’s tweaked just so you can see what he’s done. The default values are to the left, and Juhlin’s values are to the right. These values are what he believes will work best for everyone, and it shouldn’t matter which keyboard you’re using. I’ve tested the new values, and even though there’s no real way of actually proving that it worked, I gotta say, it does feel more responsive. It could just be a placebo, but when I go back to the default settings it does feel more laggy. One way to really test it out is by zooming in with for example an AWP or a scout, and do quick movements with WASD.

He’s also shown this tweak to some of his friends and they’re all using it because they believe that it improves their gameplay. All these settings that you can see here, are found inside the registry editor known as regedit. You can obviously change the values if you want but it’s really not something I would recommended, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Now you’re probably wondering if it’s safe to play with these settings, and if there’s any risk of getting banned. The answer is of course no, you can’t get vac banned for these changes, you’re not doing anything to the game files, all you’re doing is changing the keyboard settings in Windows, so yeah it’s completely safe. All right enough with the facts, how do you install it? First you can download it through the link down below. Open the zip file, and drag the folder out. Also I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this but the files are obviously free from any virus. Inside you have the new values folder and the default values folder. If you wanna use the tweak all you have to do is open the new values folder, run all the 4 registry files, restart your computer, and voila, you’re done.

You should be able to feel the difference after that in-game. If you wanna go back to the default settings just do the same thing but run these instead. You can also manually find each value inside regedit if you want to do it the long and boring way. There’s more information inside the installation file for that. So if you have any questions regarding the values or anything like that I would suggest that you talk to Juhlin about it. I’ll link his Steam profile and group so you can check him out.

I did tell you that CS:GO feels more responsive after this tweak, and I would like to know from you guys if you feel the same way, so let me know down below. That was the video. I’ll see you guys in the next one, and go bananas!.

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