Hello everyone! Welcome to EsportsEditionTV. I’m J.P. Corner, and today we’re going to be taking a closer look at the Negev. Available for the low, low price of $2,000, the gun’s recoil is wild and unpredictable when you start shooting – but becomes a laser beam after the first ten bullets or so. The newly redesigned Negev is definitely designed for use on CT side. The suppressive fire that Valve wants you to be laying down is a great way to make progress towards the bomb site. Or, like you just saw in this clip, stop a rush dead in its tracks. The long reload time of the Negev is still going to cause problems, and good players can take advantage of the timing window to rush you down. This clip is great example of what you shouldn’t do when you know there’s a Negev on bomb site.

The novelty factor of the gun remains. People are still adjusting to the possibility that a CT with a Negev could be anywhere at any time. This is what happened the very next round. People might adapt quickly, but the gun is really, really good at stopping rushes. Especially when you have grenades to work with. Spamming through smokes is, as you might expect, as effective as it is inconsistent.

The real risk factor with the Negev is the gun’s use in retakes. Between your poor mobility and the weird firing mechanics, you’re probably going to die. I also wanted to include an example of how NOT to use the Negev. First, you have to remember that you can’t tap with the Negev anymore. It’s all about spraying. Long range gun fights aren’t your friend – and without the element of surprise, you can quickly become a sitting duck. Roll the tape. Now, I got a bit lucky here and the fact remains that in almost every situation imaginable, you’ll be happy to trade your Negev for a rifle or an SMG. Now look, the Negev is great at stopping a rush, but the gun quickly becomes a detriment to your own team if you’re forced to use it during a retake. The recoil mechanics and more importantly, the mobility of the M4 and the AK47 allow you to isolate long-range targets, clear angles quickly, and reposition yourself to choose favorable engagements.

These are the fundamental parts of any successful retake and the new Negev fails to tick any of the boxes. The price point might have changed dramatically, but the Negev is still an all-in gun. It’s part of its DNA..

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